Take 19

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🎬 》Mika's P.o.V《 🎬

Who the hell is that man? He seems to be close to Yuu-chan...

The ravenette Yuu-chan, I and Yoichi-kun are still in the forest;  talking to the unknown man. But I'm not participating because I can't (speak) and I don't want to.

The man in front of us looks like a punk with his spiked(?) hair and those red eyes! He could be a devil or demon or something like that.

Yes, I most certainly don't want to get involved with this person.

But Yoichi-kun - who is a really kind boy - wants to know who he is.

Actually that shouldn't surprise me that much since his and my friend Yuu-chan does look rather rebellious with his yet black hair and I can't blame him for knowing such a punk.
It wouldn't surprise me if he had a criminal past.

Maybe not that criminal like murdering someone but like stealing some money or something like that.

"You'll be better off if you don't know my name." The male just brushes the question of the brunette of.

But he keeps persistent: "Why? Did you do something terrible?"

- "It doesn't concern you."

"Yoichi just let him be." Yuu-chan says in a very weird tone and winks at the end of his sentence.

And because the blackenette made it too obvious, the red eyed rolls his eyes.
"And how will you do it? You don't remember my name."

- "I-I do! Should I prove it to you right now? In front of everyone?"

"Sure." He just shrugs his shoulders before giving Yuu-chan a mischievous grin.

"O-ok. So your name was... How do you write your name?"

- "Ahaha you're really funny. Of course I won't tell you."

"Mhhhh... Your name started with an "A" didn't it?"

- "Not. Gonna. Tell."

"Gosh you're so stubborn ... Kevin!"

- "Well whatever. I actually don't have any time for you and your stupidity. So bye." The - still unknown - male takes his leave before any of us could stop him.

"Now that he mentioned it; we wanted to leave as well, didn't we?" Yoichi reminds us with a - for him unusually - pissed tone in his voice.

Then he adds: "Also Mika has to get home so his mother doesn't have to worry about him."

"You're right. Well then we should head back."

With that said Yuu-chan and Yoichi-kun accompany me to the bus stop. To top it of they even offer to wait with me until the bus arrives!

It's okay, you two don't have to do this for me. I know it's dark and being alone isn't really clever--

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