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Logan- Well, he's stupid for not seeing how much you rock...

You- ha, thanks Logan, you always know how to make me laugh 😊

Logan- no problem, hey Gustavo is telling us we need to record a new song, talk to you later?

You- yea.. Bye

Logan- bye 😘

You threw your phone on your bed, a tear escaped on the side of your face.

Jessica and Ashlynn- (Y/N)?

Your turn towards them and burst out crying

Ash- Who the hell did this to you!?

Jessica- Ash, calm down

Ash- No Jessica! That's some bull crap, I bet it was Kendall, am I right?

You nod slowly

Ash- Ugh, where is rumplestilkin when you need him

Jess- Or hook

You- guys, can we not talk about Once Upon A Time right now

You say while laughing

Ash- right, well today is girls night, three buckets of (favorite ice cream) and some once upon a time episode and (favorite movie)

Jess- awe, I love that movie!

You- I'm so glad to have friends like you guys...

Minuets later ~~~~~~~~~

Since you were waiting for Jess and Ash to come back, you turned on Iheart radio. Pretty brown eyes came on, you laughed and just started dancing.

You can now play the video XD

You were throwing your hands in the air and just jumped all around. You turned up the volume and sang it really loud. You heard ash and Jessica come in. You fell on the floor

Ash- How could you play my song without me?!?!!

You- Uhhhh



Ash- buzz kill...

You turned off the music and turned on the TV.

You- OUAT first?

Ash- don't mind if I do!

You guys watched the come back episode, season 6. You guys have been waiting forever for it to come back


You and Jess just start laughing. Yea, hook was cute, but Neal was waaayyy better.

Ash- ohhh MYYY godddd it's about to go down next Sunday!

After the episode ended you guys watched (Movie)

You- the ending gets me every time!

Jess- and we are out of ice cream, rest in peace!

A knock was at the door

Ash- let me get the door, if it's Kendall I can beat his a-

Jess- don't curse now!

Ash- fine...

She opened the door, Kendall was there

Ash- leave right now

Kendall- please let me talk to her

Ash- well what if she doesn't want to talk to you, why would you even do that to her!

Kendall- I didn't! When I was telling Jo that I loved (Y/N) she kissed me because I guess she saw (Y/N)

Ash- Kendall, (Y/N) and Logan are dating now I'm sorry

Kendall- oh, I should go now...

He looked depressed and so, he looked down and walked to his apartment. You got a text from Logan

Logan- Hey! Gustavo wants you girls to come to the studio

You- K, see you in a bit

At the studio~~~~~~~~~~

Gustavo- Girls, we want to see how you guys sing

You- what...

Gustavo- get in the booth!

The three of you ran inside of the booth and thought of a song to sing

While singing the song, Kendall was staring at you, it looked like he was about to cry. Once you looked at him he quickly turned away and sat on the couch and avoid eye contact with you.

Gustavo- you guys were great! If you guys don't mind, I think you guys can be a Girl group

Ash- as long as I meet One D I don't care...

You- we would love too!

Gustavo- well, whenever the boys are leaving, go with them after the dogs are done singing you guys are right after them got it?

You- got it

Kendall left the room first and run walked to the palm woods, you still felt bad about everything that's going on. Logan put his arm around you and walked with you to your apartment

Logan- I'll see you tomorrow babe

You- ok, bye

Logan- bye

You feel on your bed and said to yourself

You- well isn't this a big time mess...

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