Just Shut Up Will You

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           John looked out the window and suddenly got startled. "OMGG!!! JOHN! JOHN!!!"

".... Can you SHUT IT?! You just gave me a heart attack!", John yelled at his childhood friend; Chris.

"But.... It's your Birthday :(", Chris gave a pout when he said that.

John sighed, because he knew that on his every single Birthday something horrible happened to John. And it always had something to do with his Birthday cake. Oh how he hated that cursed cake...

Tenth Birthday- Flashback

"Why is the cake so... Big?", John asked his parents.

Right after he asked the cake exploded leaving a man in his spandex 0_0 The man started doing poses that almost made a ten yr old John barf.

"I hope you LOVE our cake cause I know how much you love the POWER RANGERS!", his dad told him, but he was wrong, John hated those heroes! Chris made him watch it every time it came on the TV. It was about these stupid guys/girls in spandex suits making weird poses they think is "cool" and they don't exactly have super powers! It just all looks so fake!(A/N No offense I actually LOVE Power Rangers, Although I'm already grown up I still watch it from time to time)

End of Flashback

"JOHNNN!!! I got you the best Birthday present EVARR!!(purposely misspelled),"Chris yelled like a maniac making John roll his eyes.

Chris got out a present box and kept nagging to John to open it. John finally gave in and opened the box to find... A STUPID POWER RANGER...

"Dude... Are you kidding me? Wasn't me barfing at my tenth Birthday enough to prove you I dislike Power Rangers?", John asked.

"I thought it was cause you were too excited. I mean... I kinda pissed my pants... Shush don't you dare tell ANYONE!" Chris said dramatically.

"Ugh, well I guess I should say thanks for the present... Although you didn't have to.. No... Really never buy me a present again....",John said somewhat sighing in between his sentences.

John and Chris walked inside John's house, the place decorated with Power Ranger's merchandise. John's parents really want to torture him, don't they?

All of John's one-sided friends came over (One-sided cause John actually hated their guts) They celebrated, excluding John of course. John was too busy planning an escape plan from the stupid cake...

Then... The time had came, for the CAKE. Everyone started to sing "Happy Birthday" in a sickly sweet tone of voice.

Turns out they brought more then one cake... There was 4 cakes actually.... John already knew what would come next... He tried to run but then found out that Chris and another friend of his held him in place...

At the last part of the song which was..."Happy Birthday toooo You!" The people who held the cakes smashed them on his face.

John couldn't take it much longer... "WHY THE F%&*^ DOES THIS S#@* ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!", John yelled.

Then John looked at the table which had different kinds of food and started to throw them around everywhere, making sure to hit Chris the most.

"F&^% YOURSELVES",John said and walked out like a boss, leaving everyone else speechless.


Hope you liked that, there will be more one-shots ;) 

I had so much fun with this one.... Forgive me mentioning Power Rangers so much...

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