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By Rxsesxciety (thanks bud 😂)
Here's the challenge:

And yes, I think that's a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot

And yes, I think that's a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

1. It's Gonna Find You by Bombs Over Nowhere

/It's/ gonna find me... and in the song that 'it' is love. Love is going to kill me I guess 😂

2. Alice by Bianca Ryan

This makes my love life sound like I'm going to be lonely and finally go insane and be happy when I die 😂 YAY! Number 1 has been explained ^

3. Zaynah by Kate Linn ft. Chris Thrace

This doesn't sound like a good choice unless my name is Zaynah (it's not 😂)

4. The Light in my pants by Sarah Bareilles


5. Summer by Calvin Harris

My funeral is going to be quite the wing-ding (look it up) 😂

6. Just Give Me A Reason with a shovel and a screwdriver by Pink ft. Nate

This doesn't really make sense 😂

7. Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

I guess this song sort of describes a week in the life of an overworked, sort of insane, unfulfilled but happy-ish teen 😂

8. 7 years by Lucas Graham

Does this mean I'm going to be famous?!?! *laughs* JK (but hey I woun't refuse)

9. Gonna Get Over You by Sarah Bareilles

Wow I have an awful love life... 😂

10. Fix You by Coldplay

I guess this is kind of accurate...?

Well, that was interesting. 😂 This isn't even a very accurate representation of my taste in music, I feel like my playlist chose a lot of outcasts for this challenge XD. But Sarah Bareilles is very accurate. She's my spirit animal 😍😍😍

I tag:
Have fun peeps! 😂😘❤️

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