Ch. 30 Choosing Lennox

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"We're leaving. Where are your bags?" Liam questions, looking around. By the intense look on his face I can see he's on edge. Obviously, something's happened.

"Why? What happened?" I ask, calmly. He's looking flustered and tense enough for the both of us.

"Alpha needs us back now. I don't know whats going on." He answers, locating my bag and picking it up.

    If Lennox is ordering me to leave after trying to ensure I had a good time by not telling me about Rachel and Wendy, then something is definitely wrong. "Give me your phone I'm calling, Lennox."

    Liam hands me his phone as he starts to pick up my things and stuff them into my duffle bag. I find Lennox's phone number just as my dad comes into the room.

"She's not going anywhere." He states, looking at a surprised Liam.

"Lennox ordered me to take her back home." He counters.

"This is her home. You're the one leaving." Dad replies.

"Dad, whats going on?" I ask, hesitantly.

"Lennox discovered he has no claim on you. His mark didn't take and won't until-"

"Until I get pregnant. You told him?" I question.

"He figured it out himself. I asked if he planned to impregnate you or give you the choice. He's not going to give you a choice Jocelyn."

I knew Lennox wouldn't. I'm not shocked by the news, this is Lennox we're talking about. "You didn't wait for mom either." I state, trying to figure out my feelings about Lennox forcing me to carry his pup.

"I didn't wait and I never regretted it, but you're my daughter its different. You can still be with him, but he'll have to wait for you to be ready."

"He won't wait dad. He'll come get me himself if Liam doesn't bring me back." I argue. I know he's my father, but its still new to me. The fact that he thinks he can stop me from leaving is really making me angry.

"I'll protect you from him. Don't worry about that." He tries to sound assuringly. I don't need protection from Lennox.
I scoff. "I'm not worried about my mate hurting me."

"You're not his mate. The claim isn't recognized." Andrew interjects, walking into the room. "And I'll back your father."
"If either of you touch my mate, I'll never speak to you again." I reply, emphasizing mate.

"Does that mean you're going to leave with Liam?" Jessica asks.

I shrug. "I need to talk to Lennox."

"Jocelyn, he told me himself he wasn't gong to wait for you to be ready." Dad repeats, walking closer.

"Like I said, I'm aware that he won't wait. I still want to talk to him and I still consider myself Lennox's mate." I say pointedly, looking at Andrew. I see him start to smirk and he stops himself before it becomes a full-blown smile. I narrow my eyes and refuse to look away. I know it is a sign of disrespect towards antoher alpha, but I'm done with him disregarding my relationship with Lennox.

"So feisty." Andrew chuckles.

"I'm not feisty. Feisty, is Jessica's job. I'm pissed off." I point out.

"I think the term for Jess is bat-shit crazy." He mutters.

"Hey!" Jessica yells at him and throws a glass bottle of nail polish at his head.

I walk away going towards the bathroom, not needing to hear them argue. I know they'll be able to hear my conversation but I don't want to talk to Lennox in front of them. I open the door and close it behind me. I hit send and it only rings once before Lennox picks up.

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