Book of the Demon

Harry Styles au

It was a demonic tale. A curse even, but only to those who read.
The book that belonged to a man named Harold Styles.
This book wasn't like any other, it was written by himself.
The book was never finished, but he was.
He had died before he could even finish his twisted tale of a book.
Nobody knows how exactly he died, or if he ever really died at all.
It was an accident, his death was.
But he wanted revenge, he never wanted to die so early in life.
So he cursed his book, to the one who read.

"Who ever dares to read shall be mine, forever."

He didn't want this cold life.
He never wished to be a cold monster.
He never wished to be unloved.
He never wished to be lonely.
So he wished a curse upon the book.

The Book Of The Demon.



cover made by @Monica_Andreea

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