Epoch: period of history as decided by The Twelve. The first Epoch refers to all history before humanity. The second Epoch refers to all history from the birth of humanity to its death. The third Epoch refers to the Master's reign.

Ergo: automatic, fully comformable chair/bed.

Evolution Experiment: game played by The Twelve. Its rules are mysterious, but each Master playing must submit to a time limit, third party oversight, and after the initial Organo-Seed is planted must only interfere with it through a pre-determined amount of flashes from the Evolution Trigger.

Evolution Trigger: technology which promotes rapid evolution through the emission of a flash wave.

Gabriel: current name of Id's former Master. Lover of the arts and sciences. Cultured, philosophical, yet titanically brutal when angered. One of the so-called "three wise men" among The Twelve.

Gravimetrics: technology which manipulates gravity.

Humanoid: form which resembles a human.

Iconoclast Period: human history in the decades directly preceding the Masters. The cutting edge of science brought forth modded humans, the Augments, and the Masters themselves before that period ended in The Cleansing.

Intelligence Level: measure of intelligence. Base 1 is normal human genius, Base 2 is The Twelve, and Base 3 is theoretical. Early study showed potential mental defects in Base 2.

Interrupting Event: sudden reversal of The Twelve's fortunes in the warring early era. The Twelve were forcibly held outside of history for hundreds of years by an unknown, suddenly transported to a future solar system where their old servants had been freed from the shackles of control to spread among the other planets as Outers, although no further than a mysterious new barrier called the Line in the Stars. The cause of this event, and the new inviolate alien barrier, is still unknown to The Twelve and has caused them to withdraw active governance to Earth, temporarily allowing the Outers autonomy.

Lagrange Point: location in space where the combined gravitational forces of two large bodies equal the centrifugal force felt by a much smaller third body. The interaction of the forces creates a point of equilibrium where a spacecraft may be "parked".

Legacy Human: humanity before modded humans, the Augments, Masters and biosynths.

Level: one floor of The Tower. Large, they can extend to several square kilometers and house traditional building interiors or wildly imaginative environs.

Line in the Stars: barrier of unknown origin surrounding the solar system. An artifact found after the Interrupting Event. No Masters or Outer has ever successfully found a way to cross it.

Mars: former colony world. Abandoned after a catastrophic artificial intelligence singularity event. Ruins cover its surface. Quarantine in effect due to the rampant entity still propogating within it.

Master: next step in human evolution, beyond even biosynth. First came into existence at the end of the Iconoclast Period, signaling its end. Orchestrated The Cleansing, destroying humanity only to raise it back up into biosynthetic servitude. Each Master has their own specialty, strengths, and weaknesses, but all share a nearly divine breadth of energy and physical technology which renders them into nearly unkillable techno-gods. Peace between them is long undisturbed despite their great power and lusts, held forever bound by The Oath.

Mechanoid: machine body, often bipedal.

Meeting of The Twelve: semi-compulsory gathering of the Masters at Dream City lasting three days. Offers a rare chance for both new policymaking and fraternization.

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