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~ This is a complex, sometimes mysterious story. Many readers enjoy putting the various puzzle pieces of a fictional world together in their own head by themselves, but for those who don't I have included a glossary of all relevant technical terms ~

Abberant: term for anything which does not fit intended design. A negative connotation is usually implicit.

Active Scanning: type of scanning which requires a signal be sent out. Easier to detect by advanced instruments than passive scanning, but produces more thorough results.

A-Shield: defensive bubble of inviolate frozen spacetime. Requires massive power.

Attendant: sentient being as servant, scientist, companion, or any other role desired by a Master.

Audiovisual Representation: false sights and sounds produced by an advanced technology. Includes re-active specific holography, neuro-sensory hypnopathy, and smartmatter virtualization.

Basic Processor: pre-quantum computer.

Biosynthetic: general term describing a combination of the organic with the artificial. Most modern sentient beings are biosynthetic, which informs the shorthand humanoid label "biosynth".

Chimeric: genetically engineered being with animal DNA. Can be a quadruped, biped, or other.

Concussive Blast: specific burst of force which can either be used to nullify latent energy or just physically strike a target.

Cryogenics: scientific branch initially focused on preserving human bodies in stasis. After the immortal Masters conquered the Earth, however, it is chiefly used to effectively store biomass, biological samples, and unused Attendants/biosynth.

C-Shield: shorthand for Concomitant Shield, which is an energy field held extremely close to the entire body like a snug full-body energy suit. Minor to moderate durability against a wide range of offensive threats.

Cyborg: only humanoid on Earth which is neither an Attendant, hobby project or a Master. Uses extreme energy tech specialized enough to credibly engage a Master in combat.

Dedicated Processor: anything beyond a basic processor.

Display Screen: surface which can display visual information. Often made from smartmatter and floating via gravimetrics.

Deep Learning: branch of machine learning based on algorithms modeling data abstractions by using multiple processing layers.

Deepspace Integral Suit: Biometalic multi-purpose suit designed for maximum utility during deepspace travel. Central processing is handled by a fearless and highly adaptable Subroutine which can react to almost any conceivable cosmic threat with its own broad, steadily evolving suite of personal integrated technologies.

Domain: one of twelve sections of the Earth ruled by one Master. The ruling Master's word is absolute law within it.

Dream City: metropolis constructed specifically for each Meeting of The Twelve. All residents are quickgrown and implanted with false memories, though some few are recurring characters.

Dr. Lanier: foremost Outer scientist of the last century. Invented a number of breakthrough technologies, his most famous being the first ever Outer anti-gravity device. Reclusive. Owns a remote research facility.

Enclosed Integrated System (EIS): broad term referring to any self-contained system, whether a device, computer or biosynth.

E-Shield: shorthand for Expanding Shield. Utilizes outward pulses of energy to provide a defensive barrier.

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