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"Levi get up."

I groaned and just pulled the comforter further over my head.

"Levi! Get the hell up!" Derek called out before he just decided to waltz his vampire ass into my room. I snarled at him, but he was used to most of my threats by now. "Really, you've been in here all day. I think it would be nice–and healthy if you went outside. Go for a run, go kill something–get the hell out of bed!"

"Blow me, Derek," I bit out.

"Unless you're really a red-headed vampire with these adorable freckles and green eyes, then I think not."

I buried my face in my mattress, avoiding him and trying to find the scent again–her scent. I could smell her. I could still smell her after all this time. There were nights I would wake up and I swear to the moon it smelled like she was right here, but deep in our mattress, the scent was still holding on.

Much like this goddamned bond was still holding on. That's the lovely thing about your true mate, your soul is tied to theirs even in death.

The covers ripped off of me, drawing another growl from me that just made Derek hiss in return. "Come on Levi, please do it for me? Pleaseeeeee–"

"Fine, Jesus Christ just shut the hell up," I growled out.

"You need to lay off of the whiskey," he sang out. I looked over at him, scowling which just made him chuckle. "Now come on, I'm not leaving until you get up."

"Dammit," I bit out before I pushed myself up and swung my legs around. "Fine, let's go on a little joy run."

I got out of bed and stormed out of my room, my beast nudging me forward because he just wanted to take over for a while. I was fine with that. Hell I was fine if he just took over forever. He groaned and swatted a paw at me mentally, the bastard was still holding on for something. I had no idea what, but it pissed me the hell off. I wish he would just let us both actually lose it like everything thought we did so we could just join them. I tried to join them. I tried a lot of times, but every time he would stop me. Asshole.

"Where to then?" Derek asked as we walked out of the house.

I shrugged. "I don't give a shit. You need a drink?"

"Eh," Derek mused. "I could go for a topper if that's alright with you?"

"Now he asks if it's alright," I grumbled before I shifted into my fur.

"Levi!" Derek hugged and eyed me angrily. "You can't keep shredding clothes you, moron!"

I just barked at him then trotted forward before I felt him start to run after me. He looked down at me then shook his head. "You're so lucky that someone is looking after your cranky ass, you know that right?"

I barked again. I knew he could link me, but I wasn't in the mood to hear any more from 'mother dearest,' anymore, especially in my damn head.

"Fine," Derek bit out. "Let's go," he said before he zipped forward.

I just sat back and let my wolf have this time, hoping he would run us off of a cliff so we could join then, but I guess I wasn't getting so lucky today. He loved being out. Relished it. It was like running was pouring life back into him.

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