Chapter 15

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Since we had no questions we are going straight onto chapter 15! Please keep in mind that if at any time you have a question please don't be afraid to comment it or inbox me or send a message on the Facebook page. I will reply - won't leave you stranded - and yeah. Hope you all enjoy the story so far and right now... OFF TO IRELAND!


Liam P.O.V

I had got myself in a right state. I was in the car driving double checking everyone had passports, boarding tickets, luggage.

We only took small bags that could pass as hand luggage as we didn't want to go through the hassle of waiting for a big trunk. Additionally, we were trying to stay under the radar, so just getting the plane then disappearing from the airport and spending as little time as possible in one place.

It seemed an alright plan and only under extreme unlikely circumstances could it go wrong. For example, if a hybrid breeder happened to be in the airport at the time but I try not to dwell on that because the longer you look at holes the larger they look. According to Perrie it's the same with tights and not just plans...

We made it on alright, except for the fact that Louis had to be scanned since he set off the alarm whilst walking through security. The poor lad has never made it through without setting it off.

We got some lunch and ate half of it waiting for the plane. We had a half hour delay which was alright. We kept ourselves entertained by chatting or plugging into iPods and so on. Lou and Haz were even sharing goes on Mario Kart. They get remarkably easily bored those two.

On the plus side, Lou seems to have brightened up a bit. He is, like usual, glued to Harry's side. Those two are together like magnets, always chatting always laughing.

They get on really well. The only time they aren't together is when they're sleeping or washing. Harry has been pretty much living off Louis clothes but it's obvious neither care.

I overheard something about Louis and Haz shopping in Ireland but I'm not sure.

Suddenly a short tune rang through the halls of the airport, before a voice called that the 12:30 flight to Mullingar was ready to board. Checking everything and everyone again, we charged through passport control and onto the aircraft.

Being the first on the plane we were the first to choose the seats. Haz, Lou, and Jesy sat at the front on the left side, whilst Perrie, Zayn and Niall sat on the right. Jade, Jack and Sam sat behind Harry, Louis and Jesy on the left. I sat behind Zerrie and Niall on the right on the isle seat.

The flight was due to take about an hour and a half (AN not sure on this please do correct me). After about fifteen minutes of sitting, everyone was on board and the flight was ready to go. There were only a few people on the plane as it was the first day of school today and everyone was pretty much at school except for us.

Everyone was a little wary of missing school, especially because we were all in Uni. I wonder if we could make up some note about being away together... Wouldn't exactly be lying but what parental back up would we have? And where were the hybrids gonna stay afterwards?

Suddenly the safety speech began echoing through the aircraft as Louis turned towards us and announced:

"Competition to who can recite the most of the safety speech as possible!"

Harry, never have flown on a plane before didn't get anything at all. Zayn and Perrie finished each others sentences so as a team they got quite a lot. Jack, Jade, Niall and Jesy were just completely out of it, only snatching a few words here and there. I got a few sentences here and there.

However Louis managed to recite almost the whole speech, only missing the words 'comfortably' and 'click' both of which were positioned in the seatbelt bit of the speech.

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