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[Dinah-6:00am] Sup bitches

[Normani-6:00am] Sup bitch

[Ally-6:01am] Can y'all please stop with the cursing?

[Dinah-6:01am] i thought u were the oldest one here

*Lauren has been added to the chat*

[Ally-6:02am] I thought so 2

[Lauren-6:03am] guys...I'm at school...can u not

[Camila-6:03am] same

[Ally-6:05am] sorry

[Dinah-6:05am] is it to late now to say SORRY!!!

[Lauren-6:06am] There are so many things wrong with that sentence.

[Camila-6:07am] Lauren, do you happen to know Maricela and Veronica? There in 10th grade

[Normani-6:07am] listening to Queen B rn got me like 😱😩😎

[Lauren-6:07am] *they're
Also, I only know Vero...she's a good friend of mine

[Dinah-6:08am] YASSSS QUEEN BEE 👌🏽

[Camila-6:08am] oh, okay

[Ally-6:08am] do y'all happen to know each other because I'm very confused right now

[Lauren-6:09am] yea...Camila, how do you know my friends and me?

[Dinah-6:10am] they be f**kbuddies

[Camila-6:10am] NOOO

[Lauren-6:10am] I'm not gay

[Normani-6:10am] Sure Jan 😏

[Ally-6:11am] What am I doing in this chat again?

[Camila-6:12am] Lauren, I know you. I used to go to school with you. You probably don't remember me, but I'm Camila Cabello...the girl u used to tutor..

[Normani-6:12am] coincidence, I think not 😂

[Dinah-6:12am] 😂😂😂

[Lauren-6:13am] Ohhhh, I remember you...wait...shit 😳

[Ally-6:14am] wait, what happened?

[Dinah-6:14am] I think someone's got a previous crush...

[Normani-6:14am] I'm confused rn

[Camila-6:16am] Uhhh...Lauren, should I tell them?

[Dinah-6:16am] Tell us what 😏

        *Lauren has left the chat*

[Dinah-6:16am] Damn this hoe leaves this chat so much

[Ally-6:17am] Language

[Normani-6:17am] I am still very confused 😐
        *Camila has left the chat*

[Ally-6:19am] Guys, I think we should just let them talk it out

[Normani-6:19am] ok...

[Dinah-6:19am] Hehehehe 😜😏😏😏 "talk it out"

[Normani-6:20am] Hehehehe

[Ally-6-21am] Lord, PLEASE bless these children, for they have sinned 🙇🏽‍♀️🙏✝️

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