Chapter 2

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It was a long ride but y/n didn't mind it because she like rides.
After some time, she saw a big manor in the distance.
'Is this the place where I'm going to live from now on?' She thought, studying the place from afar.
She was looking at the manor so much that she didn't notice that she's already in front of the building. There was a black gate that lead to the front yard. The car pulled to a stop and the driver told her to get down and grab her things, him helping her, of course.
"Thank you." She said after the driver pulled out her last package.
It wasn't that much to carry. It was a big luggage that had wheels so she could drag it, a backpack and her big purse that contained mostly electronics such as the graphic tablet that Karl gave her, her phone, headphones and those old game-thing that had Tetris on it. Just in case, if someone takes her phone or something, she'll have this to kill time.
She grabbed everything and went to the front door. She knocked two times and waited for a response. She stayed still for a few moments before looking at the surroundings. The manor was surrounded by a forest which she thought it was cool and how good is she going to sleep near nature. She was still thinking when the door opened revealing a dark-purple haired man. He looks young yet mature, maybe because he was wearing glasses and a rather formal attire. She stared at his nice eyes for a few seconds before she proceeded to speak.
"Oh, I'm sorry to disturb but I was told i was going to live here. I hope it's not some sort of a mistake, I'm y/n l/n, nice to meet you." He nodded before introducing himself.
"I'm Reiji Sakamaki, I assure you this is not a mistake. I was informed of your arrival a few days ago. Please come in, I'll show you to your room." He said, opening the door wider for her to get in. She took her things before she saw a man grabbing her luggage and taking it somewhere, probably her room.
"Come with me." Reiji said and she did as she was told. They went through halls and y/n found herself in front of a vintage wooden door, probably her room, she thought.
"This is your room. Your things are already inside, it's up to you to organize them how you want. Make yourself comfortable and come down when your done. There are still members that you have to know." Reiji said not looking at you and pushing his glasses up his nose.
"Alright, thank you so much, Reiji-san." Y/n said.
"You're welcome." He said before making his way out of the room and closing the door leaving y/n alone.
"Hmm, I don't want to make him wait. He seems nice yet a little bit stiff, and weird. I shouldn't make ideas now, I have to get to know him more first. And there are also more of them? Boys or girls? Ahh! I can't wait!" Y/n said excitedly, jumping from happiness. She started grabbing her clothes and put them in the wardrobe that was placed in her big room. She thought it was a nice room, all it needed were some plants here and there. She loved plants. Flowers, vegetables, trees, everything. She thought that later she could find some flower to decorate, and also freshen up the air in the room.
She finished organizing most of her clothes. Y/n thought that she could put the other later since she was excited to meet the others.
She went down, surprised that she remembered the way back and looked around to see if Reiji was here.
"You're here." A voice that belonged to Reiji said out of nowhere.
"Reiji! You scared me! I didn't see you. Sorry if I took to long." She said scratching the back of her neck.
"You're just in time to meet the others. Now, follow me." He said turning around and y/n following him.
"Here is the guest room." He showed her a room and there were persons inside. Mostly boys but she was able to spot a blonde girl in the corner. Behind her was a redhead that had green eyes and, she thought. She looked at him for a bit too long and she saw him smirk at her. She smiled back for no reason.
"Everyone, this is y/n l/n, she is going to live her from now on." Reiji said pointing at y/n and all the eyes were on her now. She felt a bit intimidated by all the mysterious eyes looking at her.
"H-hello! I'm y/n, nice to meet you!" Y/n said waving like an idiot. She looked around to find a few stares not looking at her face. It was obvious they weren't looking at her face. It was as if they were studying her....body. 
"Nice tits." Said the redhead smirking while looking at her chest.
"W-what? Well nice to meet you too!" Y/n said embarrassed while covering her chest.
"Ayato, that's inappropriate, you don't have manners at all." Reiji said annoyed. Ayato glared at him.
"Shut up. It's not everyday you see girls like this in real life." Ayato said crossing his arms.
"It doesn't matter, you don't say such things to a girl you just meet." Reiji said pushing his glasses further on his nose.
"Ummm, alright.... let's stop fighting and get to know each other! I don't know your names!" Y/n said hopping that she stopped the two boys arguing.
"Yes, your right. I'll introduce you my brothers. This is Shu Sakamaki, the eldest son" Reiji said pointing to a blonde sleeping on a couch.
"I'm the second son and the third is Ayato over there." Ayato smirked again at her and Reiji started  talking again.
"Then there's Kanato, the fourth son." Reiji pointed this time to purple haired boy that  had dark circles under his eyes and held a teddy bear in his hands.
"Laito, the fifth son." He, again, pointed to a redhead again and the boy smirked and winked at you.
"And lastly, Subaru, the youngest. But there is one more person I haven't introduced. This is Yui Komori. She is in the same position as you. She came to live here too and she's been here for a year now." Subaru didn't look at y/n when Reiji introduced him but the girl looked almost sad when y/n locked her eyes with her. She was somehow pale and looked....drained. Maybe she had a hard week or something, she's just tired.
"Oh, nice to meet you all! I hope we'll have a nice time together!" Y/n said gesturing in a cute way. The redhead with a hat on top was smirking wider.
"You're cute y/n-chan. I can't wait to know more about you..." The redhead that was named Laito said, smirking  and liking his lips. It was as if something was behind his words. Y/n shrugged it off and responded to Laito.
"Yeah, I hope we get to know each other better!" She said giving him a true smile.
"Alright, I believe your tired. You can go now. Well discuss important things later.  You should go to sleep now. It's too late and we have school later." Reiji said looking at you.
"Sleep now? But it's only 4:30! And school? When? I know I had to go to school but I thought it was tomorrow." Y/n said confused. Reiji sighed.
"You're going to night school. And you'll find more things... Later..." He said having a mischievous look on his face. Y/n thought that his words held much more behind.
"Alright... So that means that I'll spend my day er.. Ummm.. Night.. At .. Night? Does that makes sense? Uhh, no. So I'll be active at night and sleep when the sun shines and normal people go shopping? I'm fine with that." Y/n said with a closed-eyed smile and the boys looked a bit confused, beside Shu who y/n thought that he wasn't even listening to her since he had his ear buds on.
"Alright then, I'll be off now. Sleep well then? Uhh, sweet dreams." She said before making her way out of the room. The boy's didn't say anything while she made her way out bun when she was out of the room and was unable to hear what they were saying, one of the boys spoke.
"Damn, she has a nice body. I like her already." Ayato said smirking.
"Nfu~ You're right Ayato. She has the body of a goddess ~. " Laito agreed with his brother.
"You two, stop talking about such things." Reiji said annoyed.
"Reiji, why did you let her go. She has no idea what awaits her." Subaru said glaring at his brother.
"It is impolite to greet a guest in such a way. Beside, that guy said she is a special bride. I might remind you that we are not allowed to kill her." Reiji said, answering his brother's question.
"Hmpf, what's so special about her? All i noticed is that she's an idiot." Subaru said.
"I think she's cute." Laito said smirking at his brother.
"Yeah, her body is the best. It was about time a sacrificial bride like her comes. It'll be really fun from now on." Ayato said crossing his arms against his chest again.
"Can't you stop talking about her body?!" Subaru snapped at Ayato angrily.
"Shut up. You like it too, right, Subaru? I saw you staring for a few seconds." Ayato smirked at his brother, provoking him.
"Shut up! Get lost, you're getting on my nerves! I'm out of here!" Subaru yelled and disappeared out of the room in the blink of an eye.
Reiji sighed again and disappeared too.
"She smells really sweet." Kanato
said hugging his teddy best tightly.
"Yeah. It was intoxicating. I can't wait to taste her blood. Hey, pancake, i'm thirsty now, give me your blood." Ayato suddenly grabbed her hand and disappeared along with her to who knows where.
"Ayato, he's so greedy. I also want a bite." Laito said and probably went to where Ayato and Yui were. Kanato already left to his room and the only one left was Shu who didn't even bother moving.

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