New Years Day edition 2014:

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Number #90 - New Year Resolutions;

What is the fucking point of New Years Resolutions? Precisely, you can't fucking think of one can you!

The whole bloomin' concept makes no sense if you ask me (shut the fuck up, I know you didn't).

Let's take a classic ezample shall we;

"My new years resolution is too lose weight"... well you're not fucking gonna are you. Change it too "I'll stop being a fat fucking cunt, and let someone else eat for once" or maybe even "I'll let the Big Bad Bastard shag me twice a day for the next year and count it as exercise"...No? Just wishful thinking on my behalf I guess.

People should make their 'New Year's Resolutions' more realistic.

More "I should stop Shagging the neighbours" , "I should try and walk for the first time in 20 years instead of driving myself to the bathroom when I need a piss" and "I should inform the world that the only reason we are all breathing is because the Big Bad Bastard allows us to" Would definitely suffice.

Come on folks, get it bloody sorted out will you.

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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