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Febuary 8

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“Please go out with me!” I stammered trying my best to look her in the eye. Her normally calm expression had already been transformed into a surprised one, her eyes wide with shock and her mouth agape. Then she replied so silently it was barely audible but loud enough for me to hear the two lettered word I was begging to hear.


With that, my heart went wild as I felt adrenalin pumping through my veins. A surge of excitement enveloped my mind as I struggled to restrain myself from screaming out loud. It had been the best day of my life and I was sure plenty more of this was to come.

Or so I thought. It had been a year since I first asked her out and now I felt that I was back to square one. The first few months of relationship had been as I thought it would, both of us enjoying ourselves. However everything started breaking down about two months before when she refused to go out with me. Ever since then I had been a downwards spiral for both our relationship and my emotions. She had started distancing herself from me and now I felt as if we were worlds apart.

I heaved a heavy sigh and looked at the time. 10 am on a Saturday. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed speed dial number 2, her phone number. After what felt like an eternity, she finally picked up as I tried, again, to ask her out to hand out with me at the park like what I had done for every weekend since a year ago. She politely refused, although with a slight tone of annoyance in her voice. She then quickly hung up and the dreadful silence returned to my room.

I walked out into the park determined to go somewhere that was not the supermarket or my school. As I walked aimlessly through the park, I stumbled upon an old wooden bench facing a pond. Memories from that fateful day one year ago flooded my mind once more. “We’ll be together for ever and ever! I promise you!” her sweet voice rang through my hollow mind. Months ago that promise seemed to be so real but now, it seemed like nothing but an empty hollow promise.

Just then, a voice caught my attention. It was still far but I recognized that voice anytime. It was her. I quickly hid behind the bushes, not wanting to be seen by her. Then she came into view, her radiant features shining brightly in the summer sun, making even the most beautiful of flowers envious. Then suddenly another figure followed her from behind. It was a male. More importantly it was my best friend Henry.

I contemplated whether to jump out to interrogate them but decided to let it slip. “I need to know” I thought to myself. Both of them settled onto the old bench and sat down close to each other. That had made my blood boil. They were sitting too close to be just close friends. “What could they be?” I asked myself. Just then, almost as if to answer my question, Henry kissed her on the lips. I almost shouted but managed to restrain it into a muffle. The reality of the situation dawned upon me. I quickly ran back home, unable to witness this any longer, tears already flowing down my cheeks.

I ran into my room and locked myself in. Then I let all my emotions free. The dam of tears within me burst out of my eyes like a raging flood as I unleashed all my pent up fury against my pillow, punching it as hard as I could. My eyes blazed with fury yet those same eyes were filled with anguish. My hollow heart shattered into a million pieces as I slumped down onto the floor, with even more tears flowing out of my eyes. I had known the truth for so long yet I had rejected it until now. My mind tried to comfort my soul which was already in ruins. It had worked out so brilliantly in the beginning, yet, in the end, it was meant not to be.

(AN: For those sharp enough, this is based of an iGCSE question. This was written a long time ago but I hope its style is consistent. If anyone realise something different, just inform me, I'll gladly learn more about my writing style's evolution.)

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