Monday 30th December 2013:

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Number #52 - Garfield;

Garfield likes lasagne - we get it.

I doubt it was funny in 1978 and it sure as hell is not funny now.

How on "God's" supposed green earth do you turn a comic strip about a cat that likes lasagne into a 25 year career?

Oh I know, by adding a fucking chihuahua or a hillbilly into the bloomin' mix.

Wouldn't most people go insane if every single morning they woke up, drew three pictures of a cat and called it a day?

Jim does like to shake it up occasionally, by pissing of war veterans (back in 2010, if you didn't already know!).

Before he goes to bed each night, Jim Davis should say a prayer for Marmaduke. That really big dog is the only reason Garfield isn't the biggest piece of shit in the newspaper.

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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