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  ❝You make me feel happy again.❞  


emotional tether — i. love like ghosts, lord huron ii. demons at the door, sleeping wolf iii. i can't breathe, bea miller iv. give me something, seafret v. see you soon, amber run vi. the anchor, bastille vii. by your side, the 1975 viii. st. patrick, pvris ix. texas rain, sleeperstar x. beat of your heart, safetysuit xi.hold me by the heart, kehlani xii. agape, bear's den xiii. carry you, novo amor xiv. bloom, the paper kites xv. white blood, oh wonder xvi. you should know where i'm coming from, banks xvii. love like this, kodaline xviii. flightless bird american mouth, iron and wine. xix. the funeral, band of horses xx. can't help falling in love, elvis


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