"Yeah! He's just so like Sasuke, and he's so warm, too!"

"I wouldn't describe him as 'warm'..." sweat-dropped Sakura. "And he's so handsome, too... he called me beautiful!" Sakura just shook her head before muttering, "Unbelievable."

"And he's just so... I think I might be in love with him!" gushed Ino. "Oh?" mumbled Sakura. Honestly, this girl...

Ino straightened up. "But enough about me, we're going to shop for you. I already bought my clothes, so all we need to do is get you ready. If we ever find a dress for you, of course," she muttered. "We will!" said Sakura, indignant. "Yeah, yeah, okay..."


But unlike they thought they would accomplish, they walked out of the store feeling defeated. "Maybe you can use one of my dresses," offered Ino. "I bought like five." Sakura furrowed her brow. "Why did you buy so many?" Ino winked. "Oh, you know, just in case you decided to sabotage my beautiful dress."

"You're crazy, you know that?"

"Crazily beautiful, maybe."




"Sakura! Oh my- Sakura!"

Hinata stood at the doorway, looking positively excited out of her bones. Honestly, Sakura hadn't seen her this excited since Naruto asked her what she was wearing for the ball. "Whoa, calm down," said Sakura. "What happened?"

"Something- it's for you- it's waiting-" Hinata couldn't even form sentences at that point. What came? What's waiting?

"Okay... just hold on," said Sakura as she rushed to the bedroom.

A box was sitting on the bed, neatly wrapped in cream white paper and another little black box right next to it, seated. "What...?"

Hinata was jumping. "Open it!" she urged. Sakura rushed over to it, excitement taking over. She decided to open the creamy box later, opening the black box first.

Her breath caught.

She lifted her fingers, delicate jewelry tumbling through her fingers and the gleam winking up at her, catching the last light of the day. "It's beautiful," she breathed. "Right? I found it on your bed today- I wonder who got it for you," gushed Hinata.


Thoughts raced through her mind as she fingered the intricate designs of the jewelry, until one caught her eye.

It was a sakura flower.

Pearlescent gold with a diamond center, a thin chain tumbling through the midst of her fingers, looking extremely fragile but at the same time looking like it was made of steel. "Wow," she whispered. It was beautiful.

But they were gold and diamond- who would be rich enough to buy all this? Or rather... who would care about her this much? She hadn't been fairly close to anyone lately...


Could he have done it? He was certainly wealthy enough- he had the entire fortune of the Uchiha resting on his shoulders. But why would he do this for her? This still had to be extremely expensive...

But she found that this was escaping her mind as she eyed the box next to her. Surely, whoever got this for her didn't buy her a dress, did they? They couldn't have...

"Open it!" urged Hinata, as Sakura was snapped out of her daze. "No," she decided, "I want to open it right when I'm about to wear it."

Hinata nodded, the pink flush in her cheeks escaping her cheeks as she smiled softly, "It must have been Uchiha. No one is wealthy enough here, Sakura-chan." She nodded numbly. "Yeah..."

Absentmindedly, she clasped on the beautiful sakura necklace around her throat and touched it softly. "Yeah. Thanks, Hinata."

She finally let out a little squeal as she went to bed, lights shut off and Hinata's breath heavy.

She really couldn't wait for the ball. 




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