Chapter 17

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**Alex’s POV**

I trail after my friends to play Seventh Heaven. I can see George walking along between Scarlett and Fred and feel a wave of confusion. Do I actually like him or was it just the kiss? I have no idea how I feel!

I notice that I’ve lost sight of the others and quicken my pace. Just as I round the corner the dark figure of Argus Filch appears before me.

“Well, well, well,” he sneers, “breaking curfew, are we? Come with me.”

With a feeling of growing dread I follow him down flight after flight of stairs until we reach the fourth floor. He raps on McGonagall’s door and we wait in silence. The door flies open and McGonagall appears, wrapped in a tartan shawl.

“Argus, what- Oh, Miss Cohen,” she looks at me, “what are you doing?”

“She was wandering the castle,” Filch snarls, “breaking curfew. I suggest-”

“Yes, thank you, Argus,” McGonagall interrupts, “I will take care of this.”

Filch glares at me for a moment before retiring. McGonagall looks over her glasses at me. I feel my face heating up.

“I couldn’t sleep,” I lie, “I felt like some fresh air.”

“Hmm,” McGonagall purses her lips, “well, twenty points from Gryffindor. Don’t get caught doing it again.”

“Yes professor.”

“Well, back to bed, quickly,” she says, shooing me away.

I drag my feet all the way back to Gryffindor tower, not looking forward to spending time alone in the dormitory with Felicity. When I reach the common room I find it deserted. I curl up in front of the fire and think about George. He’s sort of like a brother to me, he’s a good kisser but… I don’t really like him.

As I think my thoughts drift slowly to Fred. When I think of Fred my heart speeds up.


I leap out of my skin and nearly die of a heart attack. Fred, George, Scarlett and Carma sit down around me.

“Done already?” I ask. I notice Carma, Fred and George glance at Scarlett and realise she’s glaring at the wall opposite her with a great deal of fierceness.

“Uh, Kayla Randall from the year above picked Jeremy’s colour,” Fred says, glancing at Scarlett who stares stubbornly at the wall, her jaw set.

“And when the doors opened,” George continues, “they were… Well, sort of eating each other’s’ faces.”

I grimace and look at Scarlett. Her eyes are bright green and filled with tears that she’s determined not to shed.

“Are you-”

“I’m fine,” she snaps through gritted teeth, “fine.”

I glance at Carma to see what to do. She’s staring at the ceiling talking to herself.

“Well, I’m going to bed,” Fred says significantly, “see you all tomorrow.”

I watch his back retreating up the stairs, then sit back with a sigh.

“Me too,” Carma says, “come on Scar.”

She tows Scarlett upstairs. George looks over at me, clearly nervous.

“Look, about earlier,” he says, “I… I don’t know exactly what’s going on.”

“What do you mean?” I ask absently, thinking of Fred’s little freckle on the end of his eye brow.

“I mean, when we kissed,” George says, his cheeks flaming, “did it mean anything?”

I feel myself zoom back to the present and flinch slightly.


George seems to take the hint and half smiles.

“We’re just friends, yeah?” he says, “I like us better this way. It was just something that happened.”

“Sorry,” I say, “do you… You don’t… I mean… You only like me as a friend, right?”

“Yeah, of course,” George nods, “I just wasn’t sure if you liked me as more, and so I wanted to clarify.”

“Right, well that’s good,” I smile, “’cause I wanted to tell you something I couldn’t have if you like liked me.”

“What’s that?” George asks.

“I like Fred.”


Sorry this chapter has been a long time coming, will try to get the next one up sooner :S Thanks for being patient!

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