Chapter 8

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"I kind of persuaded her to stay here so we could talk" Lauren informed Normani, Dinah and Ally as they saw Camila sitting down on a chair.

"H-hello girls, I've, I've missed you all" Camila spoke shyly as Ally looked at Lauren, silently asking if it was okay for Ally to greet her, Lauren smiled at Ally indicating it was.

"Mila, you look so... Wow! You totally rock pregnancy! How have you been?" Ally asked as she gave Camila a hug, Normani then joined the embrace giving Camila compliments as Lauren walked over to Dinah.

"How you feeling?"

"My best friend is back, I want to slap the shit out of her for leaving, but shit, she's my best friend. I just cant forgive her, you know" Dinah whispered to Lauren.

"I've forgave her Di" Lauren whispered back, she saw that Camila, Ally and Normani were now out if the embrace so she whispered at Dinah, "go on, give her a long over due hug".

Dinah was quick to follow up on that and the two girls cried as they hug, whispering to each other until they pulled away bland looked into each others eyes, before smiling at one another.

"I was going to make some hot chocolate, would you all like some?" Lauren asked as Normani, Ally and Dinah sat down.

After receiving a yes from all the girls, Lauren walked into the kitchen, not even a second after Camila appeared in the kitchen too and just stood near Lauren.

"I, I, I didn't want to tell them anything alone and, I know its stupid, b-but will you please help me tell them everything tha-that's happened to me?" Camila asked as her tears threatened to fall.

"Course I will sweety, don't worry. Remember though, its us five girls against the world. They'll still love you at the end of what we tell them"

"Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Still love me"

"I never stopped. Even when I tried to force myself to, even when I shouldn't have, I still loved you" Lauren spoke softly as she caressed Camila's face.

"I think we should go in and tell them then" Camila decided.

"Course, I'll take these in. You go sit down"

"I'll take some in too"

"No, sit down"

"Lo, I'm pregnant, I'm planning on bringing in two cups, not picking up a car and taking it into the next room" Camila teased as she stuck her tongue out at Lauren.

"I missed this, I missed you"

"I missed you too" Camila spoke as the two girls leant in and closed their eyes they were distracted by a shout which tore them away.

"Walz, Lauser, Ally's boo thang is coming over!"

"Ill make another drink then" Lauren said softly as Camila held two cups and made her way out of the kitchen. She stopped in her track and made a u-turn to Lauren as she kissed her on the cheek before going into the other room and giving two girls the drink. She then rejoined Lauren in the kitchen and caught her blushing.

"You're so pretty" she mumbled but Lauren heard as she started laughing. "Whats so funny Lo?"

"I really wanna kiss you"

"Tough we need a date before we go to the lip kisses, you can however kiss me on my cheek?" She spoke as Lauren rolled her eyes before doing what was said.

They started to giggle at one another before they heard the door close. "Jai's here, come on, let's give them their drinks and have a catch up" Lauren spoke as the two girls held two cups each and brung them into the room where Jai had now joined the three girls.

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