How to Annoy: Your Besties (21 ways)

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I'll be adding any of your guy's suggestions as long as they are appropriate. ovo

These are mostly stuff I came up with that I'd find very annoy if done to me or things I have/might do to my besties.


1. Tell them that they're favorite animated movie/tv character looks like a girl/guy (matters on characters gender)

2. Tell them that their pet is the only one that understands you

3. Complain about not being able to stand and if they offer to help you just stand up and say, "what? Ya think I'm handicapped?" (This happened to me except I literally couldn't get up and had to slide off the chair)

4. Start randomly laughing in front of your bestie's family for no reason

5. Memorize the lines of a movie in the most dramatic parts and restate the lines in the same emotional voice while watching it with a friend who has never seen the movie

6. Tell them that you are married to (besties fav. book/movie/tv character) and no one verse can have him/her (me and my bestie @runsalone have been battling over Loki.... HE'S MINE FIRESONG! MINE AND ONLY MINE! YOU WERE THERE AT THE WEDDING!)

7. Tell them a plane crashed in your yard and destroyed your shed (works if you have a big shed or don't have a shed at all)

8. If a certain song that they hated comes on while you're in the car listening to the radio/CD, break out in your worst singing voice possible.

9. If a song they like comes on, change/turn off the station and say that it's better for their health if they didn't listen to heavy metal (works if it's gentle or slow music)

10. Jump in a kiddy pool and act like you're drowning

11. Draw on their fandom posters with sharpie and put (bestie's sibling's name) in the right hand corner

12. If offered food, eat all their favorites

13. Complain about how hot it is outside and when you go inside, complain about how it's a beautiful day outside and how you guys should go hang out outside

14. Repeat everything they say

15. Speak to them in a British accent and fail terribly at it

16. Hide in their/your closet and went they enter the room, 'fall out' and look around saying "so this is what Narnia looks like..."

17. When they ask you to help them find something, act like you're looking and five minutes later ask what you're looking for again

18. Say their name over and over again and when they ask 'what?!' Just say 'hi' and state at them intently

19. Wake them up early (sleepover) saying "DO YOU THINK SANTA CAME?!" On 4th of July, Thanksgiving, President day, (etc.)

20. Send them random pictures of their least favorite characters from any fandom and have their character they created kissing the most hated character

21. Tell them how the movie ends (especially if they've been waiting forever to see the movie)


Sorry if it's short and stupid. I'll get more in next time. If you have any ideas for the next chapter or anymore for this chapter, feel free to comment your ideas. Remember, no question is too stupid unless it's questioning my love for cats and Nutella... Then it gets bad... See ya guys!

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