Love can only define

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"Why?" Gabe asks as we walk back to camp.
"Because you saved me by a clearly insane person. So I figured why don't I return the favor." I'm not one to go all hero on someone so yes if I save someone I don't expect them to throw me a party or for me to brag about it.
"No it's because you care." He tells me.
"Fine," I admit. "I care. I care about all of you. I don't know why but I do and so if it means getting hurt to save any of your sorry asses I will. Because I care!"

"You care about us because no one has ever cared about you for a long time." Peter interrupts. "Your dad and stepdad are busy with their lives, your stepbrothers are jerks, and your crush used you."
"You remember my speech." I say flabbergasted.
"What just because you were ranting on because you were upset doesn't mean I don't listen to you." He smiles. "You just give me more things about you to know."
"If you want to know something just ask it." I mumble.
"Ok," he thinks for a minute. "Favorite color, Song, world, book, and favorite memory of a fairytale."

After a moment of recalling all of my traits, favorites, and memories. I find the perfect ones. "Purple, I don't have a favorite song, I don't know my favorite world, The Hunger Games, and uh I don't have one."
"You're lying about three of them Love." Peter catches.
"Fine maybe I am." I snap. "But those things are personal and none of anyone's business."
Peter comes over and leans to my ear. "If you tell me I won't try and kiss you." He whispers softly.
"Those things are personal and private." I stand my guard. "And don't consider doing that again."

"What about you Wendy?" Brad asks. "Any questions for us?"
"Well," two questions agave been banging in my head for a while. "Only two. One how many worlds are like this and two how many of them contain enemies of yours."
"There's only Oz and Wonderland and. Both of them contain enemies of mine." Peter explains. "Wonderland is much more dangerous. The Queen of Hearts is a real ass!"
The others boys laugh at this. I guess there's an inside joke on the ruler.
"And Oz?" I ask curiously.
"Well its full of witches. Which by the way don't melt in water." He points out.

Everyone became quite after that but one thing is still bugging me. But I'll save that for the right time.
"How's your wrist?" Gabe snaps me out of thought.
"It's ok it stopped bleeding." I glance down at a slit that has dried blood surrounding it.
"I never said thank you." He doesn't meet my eyes.
"I wasn't expecting you to." I tell him honestly.
"Why not?" He shoots me a look.

"It's not you it's no matter the salvage I do for someone they never appreciate it so I don't expect it." When I was little I would expect a thank you but when I got it they didn't really mean it. So I just decided if that was the case to not expect one. Or just not help them but for some reason I help people no matter who they are.
"Well then let me tell you the truth then." He sits me down. "I'm truly grateful, Thank you Wendy."
"Your welcome." I smile.
"Can you tell me one of the secrets you wouldn't tell Peter?" He asks.
"It wasn't just Peter and no." I say.

"That's it!" Peter walks over and takes hold my hands.
"What are you doing?" I try to pull away from his grip.
"Finding out what you're hiding." He snarls.
"No!" I yell. I close my eyes and wish and hope harder then I ever had in my entire live. Not today! He won't know! No one will find out!

"Ah!" Peter let's go of my hands and starts rubbing his. All the Lost Boys stand up and hover over. Peter stops rubbing his hands and looks at me. "Well well well," he grins. "Looks who's more powerful than we thought."
"What do you mean?" I question stepping away.
"You blocked my way of seeing what you were hiding." He steps closer.
"Weren't you just thinking of something you wanted?" What's going on?
"No, you see Love I'm different then the rest of the Lost Boys. I don't need to always think. If I want to see what someone is hiding or thinking all I need to do it hold or touch them." He explains. "But you blocked that power."
"All I was doing was hoping very hard that you wouldn't find out." I recall.

"No one has ever been able to do that before." Robbie stands there in awe.
"That's incredible!" Brad gasps.
"It means my death." I whisper.

Peter was silent for the rest of the night. He didn't even meet my gaze. He talked privately to the others and sharpened his knife and dagger. Gabe and Conner kept tabs on me making sure I was alright and not traumatized by Channing. Secretly I knew he would come back and I think so did Peter but no one dared to bring it up.

I lay down on my bed and stare up into the starless black night sky while playing the lyrics of my old lullaby Lavender Blue in my head. This new power of mine can only be the start of something bad for me. So I close my eyes and wish. Let my mind be a open book. Let him find what he was looking for. And let them all know who I am. I open my eyes.

"What are we going to do?" I over here Dan talking to Peter.
"Find away out of this. She can't be able to do this. And we need to find Channing fast! For her protection." Peter snaps at him.
"Do you want us to keep watch over her tonight?" Dan asks.
"No," I feel his icy stare feeding through my side. "I'll do it."

An hour goes by and the others go to sleep. It's just me and Peter now. I don't worry about Channing coming for me or Peter trying or kill me in my sleep so I close my eyes and dream.

"Mama! Mama!" I run up to my mom sitting under a old oak tree in our backyard.
"What's the matter my Little Canary?" She looks up from her book.
"I wanna read you a story!" I sit down next to her and pull out my story book. "I'm going to read Peter Pan!"
"Of course my dear child. I wouldn't expect anything but your favorite fairytale." She pulls me onto her lap and opens my book.
"Once Upon a time there was a handsome boy named Peter Pan." I begin and laugh with a smile.
"I don't think that's part of the story?" She smiles bright.
"What? He is handsome. And if I ever meet him I'll marry him right on the spot!" I giggle.

My eyes fly open and find Peter standing above me holding my shoulders. Feeling a small tingling feeling in my eyes and a huge sharp pain in my heart I stare at him with eyes off hurt. "How could you?"

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