It's your birthday

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A/N hey, so I did this one shot today because it's my birthday...I know no one likes me and Idk why I even mentioned it but I did...I'll just shut up now

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted. I smiled, but I hate attention. Why the hell did I get a surprise party if I hate attention. In fact, I hate attention and surprises. Unless G just proposed to me but you know that would never happen lol.

I sighed and forced a smile, and there was G. In the corner. Making out. With fucking Devon. Fuck me. I should probably tell you my life style with Gerald and you know, what the hell happened before all this crap.

---before all this crap happened---

"Gerald! Come here! I need to talk to you." There was a small sigh, well it was silent in the house so you could hear a pin drop. Foot steps jogged down the stairs and G came into the kitchen.

He was all dressed up," Yes y/n?" "I need to talk to you about my birthday." "Oh my God y/n, no one cares about your birthday!" "Rude!" I said and rolled my eyes.

We have been best friends since preschool. We got a house together before he met Devon, his girlfriend right now." I have to go on a date with Devon!"

"Oh my God Gerald no one cares about your date!" I mimicked him. He scoffed," Rude!" "Just please listen to me for like twenty seconds!" "Ok fine what the fuck do you want?"

"Pottymouth!" "Shut the fuck up you cuss more than I do!" "Nah uh!" I went up to him but then tripped and stepped on something sharp," Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Holy shit! I'm gon' fucking die! I'm gon' FUCKING die! Fuuuuck!"

G stood there with no expression on his face," Told you." "Shut up." I said as the pain finally went away." Tell me about your damn birthday now." "Ok so I want no attention, no surprises, maybe just a small cake, I want my favorite frosting and favorite kind of cake. Oh yeah, I want NO attention. I hate surprises, so don't throw me one of those really annoying parties that people hide in the dark till I come home then they jump out and scare the living shit out me. I want NO attention. I hate attention. I just want a simple party. Maybe all my main best friends, including you obviously. Did I say I wanted no surprises and no attention? Cause I REALLY don't. That's it. Oh yeah! I want some beer and bring and cigarettes or weed over. No drugs though."

"Ok first of all, weed is a drug. And second of all, that's way too much shit to remember." "I remembered it. Shouldn't you?" "Dude, it's your damn birthday wishes. Obviously you're going to remember them."

"Ok well whatever. Just remember the basics. No attention, no surprises, and only a simple party with beer, cigarettes, maybe weed, and all my main friends. *cough* *cough* not Devon *cough* *cough*."

Gerald nodded," Ok ok, I got it. Imma go on a date with Devon now." "Ok have fun!" I forced a weak smile." You too."

---after all the crap has happened---

Well, I guess he only got one thing right. He got me a small cake, with my favorite frosting. I got a piece of cake then ate it. Really. It's not even my favorite cake. God damn it Gerald!

"Hey y/n!" Someone said. I turned around and saw Devon. Yay..." Hey..." I said back." Happy birthday!" She said before hugging me.

Ugh...I'm not a hugger. She pulled back and smiled before G came over and kissed her." Hey babe." He said to her then looked at me and did the 'sup' nod.

Wow. Ok thanks G. I like you too. She gets a kiss and a 'Hey babe' but all I get is a 'sup' nod?!? Ya know what? Fuck this shit. I'm getting outta here.

I walked out of our place and sat in my car. I sang one of Gerald's songs then drove away. I started speeding and ran about three red lights. Woops.

Finally, I decided to just swerve and the whole car spun. I tried to control the wheel but my car got hit hard. The whole thing just flipped over eventually and all the windows broke and the ceiling caved in.

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