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Hey guys! This is yet another book thats helping us build the "WeThinkDifferently Community"

Isn't that amazing!

Now lets get into the Advice book. This is going to be great, and i hope it really helps you guys.

Now to begin this is going to be 100% Anonymous to the other readers in this book. The only people that will see your request for Advice will be the Advisors themselves.

Now each request will be given to the maximum of 3 advisors. So you could get 1 person giving you advice, or 3.

Each request will be given to the Advisor(s) that it fits the best.

We want to give you the best we can. So your request will depend on the advisor you get. Please try not to request Advisors.

Unless it is needed.

Below will be a form you fill out and MESSAGE to this account.

Do not Comment it. Because once again this is an anonymous system.



1| Advice Type

example: Friendship, depression, love, dating.

2| Do you want your advice messaged back to you or are you okay with it being published on this book as an example? (Your name will not be added)

3| Explain your problem

example: My boyfriend has been being very distant with me all of a sudden. What should i do?


And thats it!!

Message us that form and we will get an advisor to work your case!

Advice will be posted within 2 weeks of being messaged.

"It may not always take that long so don't worry"

And if it needs to be done quickly.

Write in capital letters 


Which implies i will fine someone to serve you quickly.

I really hope we can help you guys. Because i know how hard life can be. And we just want you to know were here for you.

Love you guys!- From the whole WeThinkDifferently Community

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