Chapter 1

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Eee I'm planning on making yet another story

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"Peter? Peter! Peter! Wake up! Please, please wake up!" Wade pleaded, clutching his baby boy in his arms. Peter just went limp, arms resting at his sides. 

"I-I can't do this without you- You know that!" Wade tried again. He stared at his Spidey with wide-eyes, tears streaming down his face. 

"Wade," Steve said, equally as sad, "you have to let the paramedics take him. He will be safe in their hands." 

As Peter was towed away on a gurney, Wade thought to himself: 

How did this happen? 


Earlier that Day

Peter was different some how. Wade noticed his sudden mood change at the beginning of the month. He had thought nothing of it, just his superhero taking over. But now that he had thought of it, he seemed sick. His temperature was too low for Wade to feel happy, and  his breathing did now sound normal. 

So when Fury called them in for a mission, Wade argued for Peter to stay home. But Peter being himself, he had found himself on the jet. He seemed out of it, and Wade kept a close eye on him. 

"He shouldn't be here," Clint commented, catching Wade's eye. Wade nodded. 

"I have a bad feeling, Clint."


The battle was a brute. 

"Just a couple of doom-bots tearing up midtown" Fury said. 

A couple is three. 

There were eight. 

And frankly, not enough Avengers. There was Spider-Man, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, The Human Torch and Hawkeye. 

Not enough. 

The battle went alright, not A+ material, but Wade called it for a great C.

There had been only one Doom-Bot left, and Wade was almost sure that they all were going to get out of there alive. 

Or so he thought. 

Then there was a scream. 

Wade turned, katanas in hand, to see a Doom-Bot throw a bomb at Peter and see it blow up in his face. 

He screamed, and his body skidded on the ground. Sadly for him, as he rolled in the gravel on top of the building, he didn't stop in time. His body fell off of the building. 

His back caught on the fire-escape, and there was a crack. Then his body continued to fall into the alleyway. 

Wade screeched, and ran after his baby boy. 

Steve and Tony was on the case almost instantly, Iron Man shooting the robot in the face with a newfound fury.

Wade jumped the building, didn't care about his broken ankle as it snapped together, and landed next to his barely breathing baby boy. 

"Peter, Peter!" He yelled. Peter turned his head to look at Wade. 

"Wade... I-I love you. Remember that, okay? And remember... this is not the end. We will meet again..." 



Wade watched as the medics tried to keep his Baby Boy alive. 

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