Chapter 21: Supressing

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“Uh…yeah. Decided to come early!” He said with a sheepish smile. She looked between him and me with a smirk and nodded,



“Mmhmm. You should stay for dinner! I’m sure Lexi- I mean all of us would like that.” She said with a secret smile and a mischievous look. I face palmed at her ‘subtlety’. Keagan looked at me and winked,


“I’d love to!” This should be interesting.




Chapter 21:


Keagan’s POV: (sigh…I’ve missed him! Lol)



I felt a little more than awkward. I mean, Ally’s mother was far from subtle. Lacey, her mother linked arms with Ally making her cringe slightly but only I noticed. It made me frown to myself. I was angry at that b*stard for doing this to her. It was his fault she was like this…broken.



“Well it’s settled! I’ll call your father so he knows we’re having you over for dinner!” Lacey exclaimed happily. I swear she was nearly skipping out of the room.



“I can’t believe she did that!” Ally moaned, covering her face in embarrassment. I chuckled and pulled her to me, not getting enough of her being close like this. Kissing the top of her head I felt her relax into me. It will never cease to amaze me how she feels this comfortable with only me.



“Uhg…so embarrassing!” She said into my shirt, but she was laughing slightly. I smirked to myself. She was just too adorable. How did I get so lucky? I pulled back slightly so I could kiss her once more before her mother got back in here.



Pressing my lips to hers I felt like I could do anything. She always made me feel like this and I loved it when she looked at me like I was Superman. She sighed softly against my mouth making me taste her sweet breath on my tongue. I so desperately wanted to deepen the kiss but I didn’t want to get caught in a more compromising position.


“Keagan.” She breathed against me. It made me shiver ever so slightly. You know what? Screw getting caught her mom probably already knows anyways! I pulled her roughly but yet gently closer to me and lightly licked her bottom lip to let her know I wanted in! She didn’t hesitate and I groaned in the back of my throat at the taste of her.

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