Chapter 10

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MUST READ : A/N : Soooo...This will most definitely be the shortest BOOK I have ever written, because Im stopping the book at this chapter.

I am soooooooooooo sorry,  becuase its sooo short , but I just had to end it.

But I will be writing another book after this one . Itll be the 3rd book to Must Be Nice.

Ugh I hate that this book is so short. But Book 3 will be the longest book ive ever written. Im talkin 40-50 Chapters yall.

Thanks .







Kaeden. Sosa. Kaeden. Sosa.

I just couldnt figure out which one he was anymore.

Some nights he was here.

Some he wasnt.

Some days he was cool.

Others , he was so fucking mean. And all we do is fight ! I try to let shit go , but I get so pissed.

I dont know what to do anymore.

I love him so much..but I just feel like he is becoming distant to me and Kylan.


My baby.

He doesnt even come out his room anymore.

When he does , its if hes scared or if hes hungry.

Other times , he just sits in there.

I have to force him to shower.

His grades have dropped tremendously.


He is only in the 4th grade. How can his grades be so horrible ?

It seems like im the only strong one in this house.

I lost KJ , too. And it kills me .

But I try to be there for my family. We still have anianother kid on the way.


Why do I even try ?

Nothing will ever be the same.

I try and try and try. But im only talking to fucking walls.

" Baby come eat " I say to Kylan.

He was sittin on his bed, staring at .. nothing.

" Ian hungry "

Have I mentioned that his grammar changed also ? He talks how Kaeden talked when we first met.

Fucking 8 year old boy talkin like the next thug .

" Kylan come on,  just eat a little "

" IM NOT HUNGRY " he yelled

See. If I wasnt pregnant and already stressed , I would be beatin his ass.

But I let it slide and closed his door.

"Fuck it. Im done " I mumbled.

I walked downstairs to see Kaeden watching the game.

" Are you hungry? " I ask him.

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