Chapter 7

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As Lauren parked her car in the garage she pulled the keys out if the engine and looked at Camila who was shaking.

"Are you okay?" she asked cautiously.

Camila simply bit her lip and gave a nod.

"Come on, nothing has really changed since, you know, you were last here" Lauren said in an attempt to comfort her. She got out of the car before helping Camila out of the car and into the house.

Lauren opened the door and allowed Camila to go in first. Camila looked at Lauren unsurely before seeing her nod her head. Slowly she walked into the house, taking in the familiarity of it all. She heard Lauren close the door and walk towards Camila.

"You okay?" she asked the pregnant woman.

"I- I never thought I'd be back here,or even see you" Camila whimpered as she fell to the floor and cried.

Lauren quickly went over to where Camila was sobbing and sat down  beside her, "hey, shhhh, come on, I've got you" Lauren whispered into Camila's ear until she calmed down. When the crying and shaking stopped, Camila looked at Lauren and whispered a 'sorry', to which Lauren just helped her get up and take her into the living room to sit down.

"I'll get you a drink, water? Yeah water is the healthy choice. I'll be two seconds!" Lauren said as she left the room to get a drink for Camila. She reappeared and smiled as she saw Camila still sitting on the chair, 'at least she didn't run away' Lauren thought to herself.

"I'm sorry" Camila spoke breaking the silence as the two sat on the same sofa chair.

Lauren shrugged her shoulders before quietly whisperings "its fine". They then went back in silence.

"You can phone your boyfriend and tell him where you are" Lauren spoke as she handed Camila her phone.

"Lauren... I don't have a boyfriend" Camila quietly spoke.

"Did he find out you were pregnant and leave you? What an asshole!" Lauren fumed.


"So who's the baby's dad?"

"No one"

"Camz, you can tell me who it is you know. We can start this all over again and be friends" Lauren spoke.

It was silent for a moment as both girls thought to themselves, 'I want to be more than friends'.

"Remember the day I was supposed to fly out to Rome?"

"Yes" Lauren stated in an annoyed tone.

"I-I, this is hard for me to say and stuff, but I'll just say it... Get it all over with... The day I was supposed to go to Rome... I got beaten up, really badly... I was left for dead, these two women helped me. They rook me to hospital made sure that I was never alone, I lost my memory for a while. They live in England but made their holiday last longer in order to ensure I was better. When I lost my memory I didn't know about the attack, two and a half months later I got really ill, and the girls took me to the hospital and they found out... I was pregnant. They didn't know how I'd cope, I couldn't remember anything or anyone, and I was expected to raise a baby. Just last month I fully regained my memory, I hope, and I wanted to connect with you all again. I was just scared, petrified. Like, I've been missing for four months of your lives and I just turn up pregnant? I was scared. I wish I was brave and had the guts to see you all sooner, but, I'm sorry, I couldn't" Camila cried.

"You, you were, sexually attacked... And you're apologising to me?" Lauren asked trying to make sense before embracing Camila in a hug. "Camz, I am so fucking sorry, I assumed that you didn't want me anymore and you disappearing was the best choice for you, I gave up looking for you after two months, I'm so sorry" Lauren joined Camila as they cried together.

"I promise" Lauren spoke into Camila's shoulder.


"I promise that I will make your life easy Camz, I want to help. I will never leave you. Please, let me help you. Let me care for you and your child" Lauren poured her heart out as she looked at Camila's bloodshot eyes.

"Lauren. There's so much happening. I couldn't let you waste your time on me"

"I wont waste my time with you! Time with you is never a waste! Camz I've lost you before and it was fucking dreadful, I'm not going to lose you again! I was miserable without you Camz, please... Lets carry on from what we had" Lauren pleaded.

95 percent of Camila wanted to say yes, "Lauren, we cant. My life is so complicated now, you've got to understand that. I don't want your life to get complicated too".

"But I lo-" Lauren spoke before Camila interrupted.

"Please don't, can I just, go back home" she asked.

"This is your home Camz, its always been your home" Lauren whimpered as Camila brushed away the tears coming from her eyes.

"Lo, I don't want you to tell pressured into doing anything"

"Are you holding a gun to my head? No? In that case I'm not getting pressured Camz! Please let us carry on again. Don't worry about the baby because I'll love the little nugget just as much as I l-"

"Lauren! Calm down. If you're serious about this" Camila points to themselves and then at her bump, and then gesturing to the house, "then I'll give you a couple of days to decide whether or not you want this"

"I already know I want this Camz, please, let me start our happily ever after together, right now" Lauren smiled at Camila.

"What do you mean?"

"Lets just pick up where we left off, we can be girlfriends again" Lauren proposed her idea to Camila who slowly shook her head.

"I haven't see you in so long Lo, can we, maybe just, you know, date for now? I'm really sceptical about my life and shit seeing as I'm pregnant with a baby I don't even want"

"So... We can date?"

"Yes you dork, we are now dating" Camila laughed at Laurens reaction.

"Can I take you on a date? Like now?"

"Loooo, can we just... Talk for the rest of the night? Please?"

"Sure ba-bambi, lets watch Bambi that's what I was saying" Lauren attempted to cover up her nearly saying babe, but Camila caught on.

"Okay, lets watch Bambi... Babe" she spoke as she sat closer to Lauren who giggled when she put her arms around Camila.

Not even fifteen minutes into Bambi and the doorbell rung, "I'll get it, you wait here" Lauren told Camila as she opened the door to reveal her three best friends.

"Hey Lo, we just wanted to see how you were, you know, after today?" Ally spoke in a sympathetic tone of voice.

"Im good, erm, come in actually I wanna show you something" Lauren spoke as she guided her friends into the same room as Camila.

A.N- Camila has told Lauren why she went missing and everything, Camren is dating!
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