Chapter 21.

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Shravan's POV.

I could not hold back the smile as I kept moving ahead with the two still bickering on, on either side of me.

"Sumo, Pushkar- haven't you all forgotten why you both are here?" I asked with a shake of my head.

"Of course not! We are here to see you off-"Sumo stopped mid-sentence, her mind registering what she had just said.

Pushkar stopped walking making us stop too. "I am going you miss you. Why do you have to return so soon?" He grumbled as he gave me a side hug.

I returned his hug and turned my head to look at Sumo. She gave me a surprised look at Pushkar's words. My lips stretched in a smile as I acknowledged to her silently- She was the only one who knew that I was going to come back- permanently.

I gave a squeeze to her hand that I was still holding. With a happy smile she moved closer her arm stretched out to give me a hug.

All of a sudden with a jerk her hand was snatched away from mine and I was pushed away from her.

For a brief moment I was stunned wondering what happened as a body shoved itself between us "Surprise!" the intruder screamed and went on to give a startled Sumo a hug.

"How dare you?" I bellowed, enraged beyond control and lurched forward to pry him off Sumo.

I was halted with a firm hand placed on my shoulder, by Pushkar! I shot him a confused look, as he pointed with his eyes to the man in front and Sumo.

"Aditya?" Sumo said looking at the man who she had by now pushed away slightly from her.

Aditya? I looked at Pushkar and he nodded. "Your friend, Aditya?" I asked in surprise.

He nodded again.

"Hey! You must be Shravan, Pushkar's cousin. Sorry about barging in like this. When Pushkar told me Suman will be here, I just had to come and meet her."

I turned my eyes from Pushkar to the owner of the voice. My brain was still trying to process the happenings.

"Oh how silly of me," continued the man who had just sailed himself in, and stuck out a hand towards me to shake. "Hi I am Aditya, Pushkar's friend." He said with a smile.

All I could do was stare at the hand, not the one he was extending out to me, but the one he was holding on to Sumo's hand with.

I felt a slight nudge on my shoulder as Pushkar lifted my hand a placed it on the chaps hand. The man, completely oblivious to the storm he had triggered within me, continued to chatter around saying something or other, which right now was at best incoherent to me.

I saw Sumo try to tug her hand away from him, and let out a breath I was unknowingly holding. But she was not able to get away "Hey Suman I have to show you something." Aditya said sounding excited.

Before Suman could react he dragged her away while shouting "I am sure you two brothers have a lot to talk about. So go on, you two, I will just take Suman away for some time." Suman shot me a helpless look, quite evidently not wanting to go away with this scrummy chap.

"Listen-" I started.

"You just happened to be around this time bhaiya." Pushkar said from beside me.

"What?" I asked, not getting what he meant.

He shrugged "Aditya is always like this when he meets Sumo."

"Why?" I uttered the monosyllable, my temper surfacing.

"Isn't that obvious? He likes her. They met about two years ago and he seems absolutely besotted by her"

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