"I think she needs to see Justin"

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Tara's POV

Grammy has been taking me to my therapy sessions for about 6 months now. I still havn't talked to Daddy sense he left. Grammy says he calls and ask about me but he doesn't talk to me. It's becuase I refuse to talk to him. He left me here with Grammy while he toured. Don't get me wrong I love Grammy but I need to be with my Daddy. 

Grammy and I where walking into the therapy building, she tightened her grip on my hand, it made me look up she smiled down at me and I smiled at her. 

P: "Are you going to be a good girl today?"

T: "YES!"

P: "You've been doing very well honey, remember no swearing!"

T: "NO CUSSING!" We both giggled. 

As soon as I walked in a I saw my therapist. I ran into her arms and giggled.

Therapist: "Looks like someone is happy today!"

Tara: "Grammy brought me to the zoo!"

Therapist: "Did you see any cool animals?"

Tara: "I saw lions!"

Therapist: "OH WOW!"

Patties POV

Tara and I walked into the therapist office and did the holding treatment. Nothing really came out of Tara so we let her go and play with the toys in the corner. 

Therapist: "You know it's concealing me how Justin never comes up when we do the holding treatment."

Pattie: "And why is that?"

Therapist: "Well have they talked?"

Pattie: "No, but he calls, he asks for her but she refuses to talk to him."

Therapist: "Yup, She is upset with him and she keeping that trapped inside, okay let's bring her over it's time we know what's shes thinking."

Pattie: "Tara honey come over here please."

We then laid her down like all the other times."

Therapist: "Okay Tara, tell me how is your Daddy doing?"

Tara: "You mean Justin?"

Therapist: "No Daddy."

Tara: "I don't have a Daddy."

Therapist: "Yes, Justin."

Tara: "Justin?"

Therapist: "Yes Justin is your Daddy."

Tara: "I ALREADY told you I DON'T HAVE A DADDY!"

She started to yell,I knew she had anger in there for Justin.

Therapist:"Your doing very well with eye contact is Grammy helping at home?"

Tara: "Yes!" She said strictly.

Therapist: "Now let's talk more about your Daddy, He's on tour right?"

Tara: "Justin? Yes!"

Therapist: "Are you mad that her left you?"

Pattie: "Don't say it like that."

Tara: "NO! He is free to do whatever he wants!"

Therapist: "To leave you? Are you angry at him Tara are you mad that he left you?"

Tara: "NO!!!!"

Therapist: "Tell me the truth, are you mad that your Daddy left you while he is on tour?!"

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