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to clear up confusion, normal
font is what i speak from
my heart and my real side.
the italics font represent my
dark side, my conscience,
and what my mind speaks
to me. enjoy reading! 💖

👑 👑 👑

I was a drug, a blessing
you couldn't live without;
your presence was
an extra dose of
oxygen to me.

She's nothing but a
come-and-go tourist.

I didn't carve a smile often,
grim views and
unhappy endings sewn
in every word I spat out,
but when I did,
your heart would skip a beat.

Oh, really?
What if your guardians
somehow dug the secrets
about this disgraceful
virtual, unrealistic bond?

I would pray for
open-armed acceptance
and everlasting romance.

Liar, liar;
you could only pray
for nothing
but the death of you
and your fictional fairytale.

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