08 | Into The Jungle

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Belle woke with a jolt, a moan of discomfort slipping past her lips as she tried to get comfortable on the small plane once again. She hated flying and feared if she was to wake fully she would have another anxiety attack. She tried not to think about it, clenching her eyes closed as she moved in her seat.  

With a small gasp, she opened her eyes fully, feeling her stomach drop as the plane took a dramatic descent. She looked around at the other passengers, noticing the look of alarm also etched onto their faces.

Her breathing became labored as she tried to convince herself everything was fine, that she was going to survive this and get home in time for the wedding.

With hesitation she looked out of the small window, water was what was mostly beneath the plane. They were still rather high in the air, making her feel much better considering the drop in altitude that had woken her up.

Small islands dotted around the sea beneath, each dense with greenery and utterly unappealing to Belle. She loved nature but had absolutely no sense of direction. She knew if she were to be on one of the islands she would more than likely walk in circles or be mauled to death by whatever creatures inhabited the island.

Shivers raced down her spine as her body became cold, cold sweat covering her as she tightened her hands on the armrest. She had wanted to go traveling but the thought of flying near enough made her cancel her plans. She was grateful that she hadn't though, she had visited some beautiful countries and made new friends that she held close to her heart.

It was her last chance of freedom before being tied down with her arranged marriage. Heck, she hadn't even been wearing her engagement ring the full time she was gone, not wanting to think about the man she was going to be trapped with for the rest of her life.

Belle ignored the middle-aged man beside her trying to discretely touch her thigh, she could tell that he was trying to push her dress up more with every 'accidental' stroke of his hand.

She had previously glared at him, which he responded back to with a kind smile. She would have asked to move seat if the plane wasn't so small and there were any available seats. Plus, she doubted she would have been able to stand with the trembling of her legs due to the fear of being so high up in the sky.

Reaching down she removed her phone from her bag, the time read 2 pm as Belle let out a sigh, they were still a long distance from home and she didn't have a good feeling about the journey.

Just as the bitter thoughts entered her mind the plane shook harshly, jolting so hard that Belle smacked her head against the side of the plane. The knock bad enough to hurt as she let the pain and darkness fill her vision.

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