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Welcome everybody. Im so glad you made your way to this book. This means your interested in joining this account. Now there are not an unlimited amount of spots. So come and get them! (Jobs will be discussed on the next chapter)


-This account and its members will NOT allow bullying among its members. Each member gets 3 strikes. And once you pass your third you will be taken out of the account and the password will be changed.

-Be patient for your "Application" to be read over thoroughly. I have school and a job along with 3 accounts to take care of.

-Do not post anything without coming to me first. | Im Olivia btw OliviaBankert

- Do not write a story that is not your idea. I dont need any copyright claims.

- Interact with the other members. Were here to make friends after all.

- Once you are a member Do not accept "Applications" unless i give you the okay

- To Be accepted your must be following the account

I hope you guys have fun in this account.

Jobs are on the next chapter :)

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