Chapter 6

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Lauren sat in her car and ran her hand through her hair as she looked out of the car window and saw the rain streaming down. She sighed but decided to drive. 'Life goes on' she thought to herself.

She must have drove at least two corners when she saw the pregnant woman was actually walking home. In this weather? Lauren knew that she has to help her, so she slowly drove near her and called out the name she hasn't spoke of in five months.

"Camila!" she shouted to gain the woman's attention. The woman stopped and turned around as Lauren ran out of her car to see her.

Camila didn't say anything, she just waved but with a sad small smile etched on her face.

"Please tell me that you were going go a certain place and someone was going to pick you up and drive you to wherever you needed to be?"

Camila simply shook her head no.

"Camila, come in my car, let me take you home" Lauren spoke to the girl.

Camila thought for a second before quickly shaking her head no.

"Why not? Look, just come in my car for now, okay, I wont drive you anywhere, just wait in my car until the rain stops? Please?" Lauren pleased with the younger girl. Lauren sighed with relief when she saw Camila actually nod for the first time today.

Lauren ran to the passenger side of the car, opened the door and helped Camila get in, before going in herself.

"I'll turn the heating on for you if you want?" Lauren asked as Camila shyly nodded, refusing to make eye contact again with Lauren.

"Oh! I've got a hoodie somewhere in the back of my car" Lauren spoke out loud as she want to gather her hoodie and handed it to Camila. "You can take you jumper off and wear it, you know, so your clothes wont stick to you and because they're soaking" she rambled on as Camila showed a small smile on her face.

"Can you please tell me where you're living now, I'll drive you there, I don't want you to hurt yourself".

Silence filled the car as the two girls sat motionless, Camila then looked at the GPS device on Laurens car and pointed towards it, silently asking if she could use it. Thankfully Lauren understood what Camila wanted and nodded.

Camila pressed on the screen and tapped away as she set out her destination. The destination was 40 minutes away from where they were, but Lauren didn't mind, as long as she could somehow help Camila.

The car ride was silent on behalf of the two girls, the only sound coming was from the radio.

"If you want I could make a stop at a shop and get you a drink?" Lauren asked.

Camila turned to her and mouthed, "no thank you, I'm fine" and as Lauren lip read what Camila said, she couldn't help but smile, she was communicating with Camila, yeah it wasn't verbally spoken, but it was progress from earlier where she would type things in on her phone. Lauren broke out into a huge smile, something that once Camila saw, she reflected too.

"So we're like 5 minutes away now, then you can take a nice warm shower in your house" Lauren spoke as Camila scrunched up her nose.

Lauren pulled over to the curb and was at the destination that was entered on the GPS, "Camila, I think my GPS has took us somewhere wrong" Lauren admitted embarrassed.

Camila shook her head 'no' before waving goodbye to Lauren as she was just about to open the door to exit the car. The door opened and Camila was just about to put her foot out of the car when she felt Lauren grab her wrist.

"Please tell me you don't live here" Lauren asked, already certain she knew the answer.

Camila slowly nodded and mouthed the word 'surprise' before sharing a sad look on her face.

"I cant let you live there Camila" Lauren said as Camila gave her a confused look. "It has police warning tape surrounding that whole building! Nope! Hell no! You are not living there!" Lauren decided as she put the seatbelt back on Camila and drove back to her house.

Camila wanted to tell Lauren that she would be fine living in the apartment, but she just didn't trust herself to speak, she would break out crying if she spoke, so she remained quiet.

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