Madara Uchiha

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You just entered the Land of Fire in search of the rapidly growing Hidden Leaf Village. You had thought about going to one of the other villages that had followed the example of the Land of Fire, but you liked the idea of living in the woods.

As much as you loved the woods, you hated being out in the dark. And, currently, the sun had just hidden itself behind the horizon. Moments later, the stars appeared. You may be a ninja but you kept your fear of the dark a secret. Normally, you could keep it at bay if you traveled with others, but you were alone.

Thankfully, you spotted the light of a fire and made your way that direction. When you arrived, there was no one there. You figured you may as well enjoy it's warmth for a little while. You could explain yourself once the own of the fire returned.

Suddenly! You were grabbed and thrown against a nearby tree. Terror shot through your whole body as you came face to face with the infamous sharingan and a kunai being held to your throat.

"Who are you? And why are you here?" The Uchiha asked.

"I-I'm (F/N, L/N). I-I just wanted to stop at your fire, Mr. Uchiha."

"Why not build your own fire?" he growled. "If you were incapable of even that, then you wouldn't be traveling alone."

You look down and away in shame. "I-I don't like the dark..."

He released you. "What kind of ninja is afraid of the dark?"

"It's not so bad when I'm with someone."

"Fine, you can stay. But first thing in the morning, you're leaving." The Uchiha sat down by the fire, giving you the chance to get a better look at his face.

It was a stern face and his long, spiky, blue-black, hair seemed to shimmer in the light of the fire. It made your heart skip and beat wildly in your chest.

"Are you going to sit down? Or are you going to stand there and stare at me?" He spoke without taking his eyes off of the fire.

You sat down next to him. "You know my name. Would you mind telling me yours?"

He let out a slight aggravated sigh. "Madara Uchiha."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Madara." You feel your heart quicken as his eyes meet yours.

"You're not going to talk me to death, are you?"

"Not unless you want me to. I'm just glad you're here."

The two of you sat in silence for about a half an hour before Madara said it was time to sleep. You tried to make yourself comfortable on the ground, but it wasn't working. Nevermind the fact that you were shivering like crazy.

After what felt like forever of tossing and turning, you got up and went over to where Madara was. He looked like he was in a deep sleep. Your heart was trying to leap out of you chest as you laid on the ground and backed into him. His body heat quickly warmed your back and your shivering stopped.

"What are you doing?" Madara's growling voice sent a shiver down your spine.

"I-I was cold... You looked like you were sleeping so I didn't want to wake you... I-I would be grateful if you would share your body heat with me."

Suddenly, you were flipped and quickly found yourself lying on your back and Madara directly over you.

"That depends on how much body heat you want." His growly voice changed but you couldn't quite put your finger on how.

"I-I'm not sure what you mean..." Meanwhile your whole body was heating up.

He leaned in close and whispered huskily in your ear. "I think you do..." His lips brushed up against the soft skin of your neck. Gently at first, then it gradually transitioned till he was firmly biting.

A squeak escaped your lips and your whole body felt like it was on fire. He moved to the other side of your neck and did the same thing. His hands slowly but dominantly caressed your body till his hands firmly grabbed hold of your womanly peaks.

You couldn't help but gasp. Madara took the opportunity to claim your mouth, thrusting his tongue into it. You were completely at his mercy as he explored every crevice of your mouth.

Timidly, you reached up and caressed his face before intertwining your fingers in his hair. It was as if that simple touch increased his passion. He finally left your mouth and tore your shirt open.

Your pink buds stood at attention thanks to the cool air. Madara took one in his mouth while pinching and teasing the other. You cried out as waves of bliss washed over you warming your body.

When he switched, you reacted just like the first time. You didn't know you could feel this incredible. Madara seemed to be a master at this.

Moments later, he stopped and removed the top part of his clothing and the bottom part of yours. Panties and all. You were completely exposed to him.

He placed his hot mouth on the valley between your legs and shot waves of ecstasy through your body with each flick of his tongue. You squeelled in response and tried to squirm away but he held your hips firmly. Just before you reached your breaking point, he stopped.

"Have you had a man before?" He asked as he stood and began to remove the clothing from his lower half.

You shook your head. His manhood stood tall and proud. It made you blush to look at it.

"Then this is going to hurt." He positioned himself at your entrance and quickly and smoothly plunged into you.

Pain shot through your whole body. You clung to him out of reaction and buried your face in his neck. He held perfectly still as you adjusted to his intrusion. The pain subsided and was replaced with immense pleasure. You released your death grip on him.

"P-Please move."

A smirk appeared on Madara's face as he slowly moved out then back in.

You moaned at the pleasure he was giving you. He began to pick up the pace and your pleasure sounds filled the air with each thrust.

Your boobs bounced as he grew harder and faster, driving deeper into you. Your cries of bliss could not be stopped. Madara kept up the pace till it felt like lightning stikes of ecstasy shot through your whole body. It was accompanied with you screaming his name.

Madara met his own release as a deepthroated groan escaped him. He lowered himself to a resting position on you. You both took a moment to catch your breath.  

"Do you still want me to leave in the morning?" You asked a little fearful.

"No." His voice was firm and possessive. "You're mine now."

A smile crossed your lips. "I'm okay with that."

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