Christmas Love

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The soft melody of The Christmas Song could be heard as the group of carollers walked down the street, spreading cheer and joy as they went. I had to give them credit though. Almost everyone was holed up in the warmth of their houses but they were braving the cold and the snow to bring joy to people who passed by them.

Although it was cold, everyone was rugged up in their warmest clothes, watching the Christmas parade pass by at a snail's pace. I was fortunate enough to be part of this year's parade. I was part of the Santa float as one of Santa's helpers.

Grabbing a handful of candy, I threw it to the little kids in the crowd. Their screams of joy filled my ears and a smile made it's way to my face. I love making people happy, especially at Christmas.

In the crowd I could see my best friend Myles, who was amongst the crowd, jumped up on the lamp post and gave me a big wave. I threw candy in his direction and his younger siblings squealed in joy.

Inside the houses you could see the lights on the Christmas trees flash and change sequences, some people even had their houses decked out with lights and inflatable Santa's and reindeers. 

With the twinkling of lights against snow, it all looked magical. I love Christmas. In front of us, the soft harmonious melody of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing could be heard as the carollers sang each word in unison.

The float rounded the corner and came to a stop in the middle of the park. Parents with little children and babies flocked into the park to be a part of the Christmas celebration.

Everyone joined in as the carollers sang The Christmas Song. In a small town everyone had their part but this year it was me who was being the joy and love to those who had had it tough. This year the parade was different, this year the sick kids in hospital got to see the parade, this year the parade was being televised. Which made the Christmas parade even more special an significant. The carolling ended and the host began to speak into the microphone.

"Good evening everyone, thank you for braving the cold and joining us on this magical evening. A big thank you to everyone who was part of the parade and who came to watch. Merry Christmas to the children in the hospital and to everyone here. Please make yourselves comfortable, light your candles and sing along to the classic Christmas songs." Lindy says, stepping down from the microphone.

The bell ringers began to play a soft melody an the carollers began to sing and everyone began to join in.

That's how Christmas should be, spending it with  those you care about and those who mean the world to you.

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