Icy Part Two

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           His eyes were watching your every move, your body shifting around in all sorts of directions. You were his and he was yours, you both knew very well. Your movements seemed to entice him further, the way your hips moved from side to side in a swift manner, his eyes watched every single curve of your body with a look of darkening lust. He was trying his best to not to drool and attack you on the spot, his clothes seeming to disappear within a matter of seconds. Before you knew it, he had caught your lips in an intoxicating lip lock, your fingers combing through his silky hair. His hands were placed on your hips as your tongues danced around the other, a fierce battle of fleshy dominance. Soon enough, he had won the battle, swirling his tongue around yours, gripping and groping your rear with such possession. His true, territorial side was now visible and you had to admit, you liked this side of him.

              Your nails dragged up and down his shoulders, you both were panting excessively after pulling away from each other. Everyone knows what this would end with, but he knew for sure he would take it slow. His hands slid beneath your bottom, cupping your ass with his strong hands, standing with you still in his arms. Soon enough your back was pressed against the nearest walls. All throughout this process, the eye contact was never broken. He pushed you up onto the wall, burying his face into the crook of your neck. Peppering your neck with kisses, he occasionally nipped at your sensitive skin, sliding one hand up to grope at your breasts, paying extra attention to your already hardening buds. Here you were, a moaning mess, already on the verge of climaxing just from having his icy yet soft lips, decorate your neck with tender kisses enough to make a person melt. Your toes curled as you tilted your head back, pressing it against the wall, exposing your skin further to his eager lips. All while this happening, the music continues to play in the background, covering up your loud noises of pleasure. The warm summer night breeze gently crosses over your skin now bare bringing with it a memory that will forever last and not be forgotten. Fingertips hypnotically trace over your every contour leaving nothing unexplored. His lips follow as your back arches, pushing your chest to him as his teeth close gently yet firmly onto the breasts he was fondling rather harshly. His tongue slowly, passionately and with the greatest of detail begins its journey to taste the beautiful creature that lies beneath him. His eyes not leaving the desire he finds in yours invite them as well to follow. What had once quietly and discreetly passed its way over your delicate lips turns much more abruptly from the soft murmurs what had started, now to echo lightly throughout the room. Your fingers grasp tightly to a handful of his hair as you pull him closer to you, your body heaving uncontrollably as this agonizing look of ecstasy made its way onto your face. Just as he had pictured so many times every fiber of your being was invaded and taken over by his love. As you feel this building inside you a look of considerable fear steadily made its way onto your face. He looks again softly into your eyes assuring you that no harm would make its way to you. He watched your eyes as they roll back, flickering steadily and then slowly pulled away.

                  "Now everyone will know you're mine," he purred into your ear, teasingly blowing cold air onto your earlobe. By this time, your neck was littered in red bruises in the same of a 'Y'. He releases you from his iron grip and grabs a hold of your hands, pressing them onto the walls on either side of your hips. He stares lovingly into your eyes, watching your every move. You being the rebellious kitten you are, pushed your face forward and nipped at his bottom lip, causing him to groan. Within seconds, you find yourself bent over a table, your hands pressed onto the table. He leaned forward, whispering in a seductive tone that makes you wetter than you've been from his previous antics,"Bad girls need punishments." Without warning he grabs a hold of your waist and rams right into your mound, of course, you two have had sex before but this has been the roughest. Slamming his thick rod all the way into you, he immediately stretches your walls. Your lower lips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy pink flower, opening to the morning sunlight and still streaked with pearly dew. Your mound had opened and was flooded with your slowly developing love nectar. Your mouth is suddenly agape, no sound coming from it. He smirks at your current state and then begins thrusting, each thrust being even more aggressive than the one before, but each was slower than the other which caused you to whimper and protest with a mix of moans. "Should I go faster?" He asks, as a matter of factly, smirking to himself as you are forced into submission. You looked back at him over your shoulder and tried your best to glare at him, struggling to consider that your pink fortress was starting to grow numb with want, "P-please." You murmured weakly, causing his grow to raise,"What was that?" "Just fuck me, Yoon Gi!" You shouted at him in pure embarrassment, your walls seeming to clamp even tighter around his member.

                     "As you wish," he said and began thrusting at an unbelievable speed, pressing within your body, hammering you in all of his glory. His swollen sack seemed to smack against your ass, causing it to jiggle ever so slightly, his grunts and moans mixed with yours, filling the room with your delightful noises. One of his hands, gripped tightly onto your hip while the other slid up the middle of your back, grabbing the back of your neck, in a rather gentle manner. This permitted a better grip as he thrusts mercilessly into your womanhood, using your constant moans as a constant reminder that he was in complete control. Your lips quivered as he continuously hit your special spot, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you were getting closer and closer to an intense orgasm,"Ngh.. Yoon Gi!" Your walls had squeezed his member in all the right ways possible, notifying him of your growing climax. He only smiled and pulled out, he then flips you onto your back, lifting you up as you gripped onto his shoulders. Your nails scratched up and down his shoulders blades, his hands gripping your cheeks as he thrusts with such force and power, he was at the point of release himself. Within a matter of seconds, of animalistic thrusting, he places you back onto the table, still thrusting. "Ah!" You suddenly shout, your liquid pearls relieving from your body, drenching his cock in your juices. He suddenly goes as far as he can into you, his tip pressing against your womb, he releases his seed deep within you, his jaw clenched. You fall limp, feeling exhausted from such an intense release, you blink in a daze, looking up at Yoon Gi before muttering softly,"Well fuck."                 


So, I have made a decision when it comes to requesting. Whenever you want me to write something, you have to have the following things; Gender, Scene/Scenario/Setting, Group Member. That's about it my sweethearts, other than that, I'm thinking about making another smut book dedicated to just about..anyone and everything. Feel free to message me! Thank you for voting and reading! I love you all!~

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