Part 1

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"What are you doing antsy pants? You're suppose to do it like this, not like that." Toph said annoyed.

"Look, I'm doing it just fine." Sokka said irritated.

"Twinkle toes, could ya help him?" Toph said.

"Sure." Aang said gladly. Aang's always happy to give someone a hand.

"Hey Katara, could you give us a hand?" Aang said with a smile. "Sure." I said.

"Great, now the tent's set up correctly, no thanks to Sokka." Toph said with a smug smirk on her face. She's always picked on Sokka, but Sokka can be a little head strong, but of course to me he's more of an annoying older brother.

"Well you guys ready to go to sleep?" Aang asked. Aang and I have been together for a couple months now, he's such a great person.

"Yeah, I'm ready to hit the hay." Sokka said while entering his tent. We all went to sleep so we could get up the next morning refreshed.

We were flying in the air on Appa, Momo was tormenting Sokka as usual. "Hey Momo get off me!" Sokka yelled.

"Hey, how about we go see Zuko, to see what he's up to." Aang said with a smile.

"Sure, it'd be nice to see him again." Toph said.

"And ya know what's funny? After all we went through with that guy, in the end he actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy." Sokka said. The last time I saw Zuko was when Aang was battling the old fire lord Ozai, and I remember when Zuko and I were fighting Azula. He protected me from a lightening attack that could've killed me and he was badly hurt, so I used the healing water I had to heal him. I thought I almost lost him, but he ended up being ok. It would be nice to see him again.

We had finally reached the fire nation. We saw Zuko training in the courtyard, "Hey Zuko." Sokka yelled while jumping off Appa after he landed.

"Hey guys." Zuko said glad to see us. I had trouble getting down, so Zuko helped me. "Hi Katara." he said with a smile, his eyes held mine for a moment.

"Hi Zuko." I went and gave him a hug.

"...Uh, so what's you up to?" Aang asked.

"Well just trying to get away from all the work of being the fire lord, I need a breather, I need a vacation." Zuko said.

"Well, why don't you come with us, we're just sort of traveling now." Aang said.

"Really? You don't mind?" Zuko asked.

"Sure, come on." Toph said.

"Katara, you don't mind?" Zuko asked me.

"Of course not, you should come." I smiled at him.

"Uncle could you take over until I get back" Zuko asked.

"Of course Zuko everyone needs a break some time, have fun."Iroh said.

Zuko hugged his uncle goodbye and we were off, while we were flying Aang put his arm around me,it really didn't feel right, even now after all this time. "So Zuko, how's Mai?" I asked.

"Oh, well Mai and I kinda broke it off for good, she went to someone else." he replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked." I said sadly.

"It's ok, you didn't know, and I don't really need her drama anyway." he said with a smile. "I see you two have hit it off." he noticed.

"Yeah and everything's going great." Aang said with a bright smile. I smiled at Zuko with a fake smile, he studied my face.

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