I don't know who left a window open over night, but someone did. It got real cold that night. Not that any of us were doing a lot of sleeping, though. We got home around four in the morning the night before from the parlor, and went to sleep even later than that. I woke up around nine, shivering. Sophie was shivering in my arms, so I took the blanket off of me and put it around her. I held her in my arms tightly to keep her warm. I looked around and saw everyone asleep except for Pony who was silently stirring on the other couch. "Hey Pone." My voice was groggy and muffled.

His eyes darted to me and his expression softened. "It's freezing in here man." He complained rubbing the sides of his arms. 

"I know."

 My eyes scanned the room and found the window along the side that was open. The wind caused the curtains to flow around. The house flooded with cold air every time a gust of wind went past. I nodded at Pony and stood up, careful to not wake Sophie. I adjusted the blankets on her to keep her toes warm. She always told me that her toes got cold when she slept, so I made a conscious effort to keep her covered. I tiptoed over and pulled the window shut, but not before getting a prompt gust of wind to my face. My nose felt prickly and my ears got cold, then red and hot. 

Once the window was shut, I walked over and pulled on a pair of Darry's boots and a jacket. "I'll be back." I whispered to Pony who still lay on the couch under the blankets. 

He nodded in acknowledgement and I walked out the front door. A wall of cold air hit me like a ton of bricks. I sucked in a gulp of air and close my eyes tightly, before continuing outside. I went to the side of the house where Darry stored all the firewood that him and Two-Bit chopped the day before. I got an armful, and hurriedly walked back into the house. "Shut the door Johnny." Pony hissed from clenched teeth. 

"Awe hush up." I could see a few of the other guys on the ground starting to stir, but none of them woke up. Dally was awake by now, though. He sat in the armchair playing with the ring that was on his finger. "Hey Dal'." I said putting the wood strategically in the fireplace.

"Hey Johnny-Cade." He murmured getting a cigarette out from his shirt pocket.  

"Darry sure won't like you smoking that in here." Pony commented, sitting up. 

Dally just shrugged and lit the match with his necklace. I watched him with admiration. Dally is everything that I strive to be. He's tuff, strong, cool, smooth talking--he's everything a guy wants to be. His eyes flicked to me, and I quickly looked away, going back to propping the wood up. "Dal can I get a few matches?" I asked.

He jerked his head and tossed me the pocket size box of matches. I caught it, and slipped one out. Darry kept a basket of old newspapers by the fireplace to held start up the fire, so I crumpled some up and put it in the wood. I lit the matches one by one, putting them onto the paper and watching the fire catch fire shortly after. I poked around at it until it was going pretty steadily, and I tossed the box back to Dally. 

I went back over to the couch, and laid back down, slipping off the shoes and jacket I was wearing first.  I wrapped my arms around her, and she stirred. She turned around and face towards me, our faces inches away from each other. "Morning sunshine." I whispered, kissing her on the nose.

"Morning." She groaned.

She looked so cute. Her hair was messy and her nose scrunched as she stretched and yawned. "Why don't you two get a few inches farther away from each other." Dally said firm and protectively. I sighed and she blew the small hair strands out of her face. I smiled at her, and she grinned back. "I don't see any moving." Dally urged. 

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