Chapter 2

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After Noah's meltdown we were called into the abnormal psychologists office. "So why are you here today?" The psychologist said. "My son Noah he isn't normal, and we need help." I said firmly. "How is your son abnormal Mrs. Polinski?"  The psychologist asked. "He's violent, can barely talk, and he still wears nappies even though hes 7!" I yelled. "Have you tried potty training with Noah?" The psychologist asked. "I did when he was 5, but he bit me so hard that I needed stitches." I said.

"Where is Mr. Polinski?"  The psychologist asked. "Noah's father is.....dead." I admitted with tears. "Tell me about Noah's father." The psychologist said. "We met in 11th grade. We were the dream couple. I got pregnant with Noah during that year." I said. "How old were you when Noah was born Lana?" The psychologist asked. "17 years old and a Junior in High School." I said.

"That may be a cause for Noah's delays" The psychologist said. "Anyway at first Noah was a normal boy, but when he was 2 or something like that he would scream, bite, scratch, and even lost the ability to talk." I said. "Mrs. Polinski why didn't you get therapy sooner?" The psychologist asked. "I didn't want my toddler taking a shit ton of drugs!" I said. "So how did Mr.Polinski die?" The psychologist asked. "He got killed in a car accident."  I whispered.

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