A story of repeat

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As requested I stand up and run. Not waiting for any signs of being followed just going. "Peter I swear to God you better wake up soon!" I tell myself. As I run I try to remember what I have. "Pocket knife, Check! Airsoft gun, Check! Pre-belief pixie dust, Check! Attitude, Check! Bravery and strength, Check!" Hearing steps behind me I pick up the paste. They don't sound like running but they sound quick. Following Peters advice I don't stop I just keep running. "A cliff, a tree top, a mountain. Anything is better then this! Just keep going!" I remind my self.

Coming towards a bunch of trees that resemble a dead end I consider my options. Pixie dust or change directions. Still running I try to dig out my pixie dust from my short pocket. Almost reaching it I'm tackled to the ground. "Uff!" I collect my self from the quick event. I staring up Channing is pinning my arms and legs down to the ground.
"Hey there Cutie!" He smirks.
"Get off of me!" I squirm. Trying to squeeze my arms out of his hold he presses down harder.
"We've got a lot to discuss!" He says. A light in his brown eyes and a smirk on his face I can tell this is only going to end badly. But then again after being chased kidnapped and injured again and again. I can only presume this is a story of repeat.

He flips me over his shoulder with my hands and feet tied up and begins to walk away. As I kick and punch him I head a small chuckle. We'll see who's laughing when I get my hands on you! "You know the more you struggle the harder this is going to be." He speaks. His accent is Australian unlike Peter's who is British. Thinking of Peter I start freaking out wondering if they are ok. I'm even concerned about Gabe! "Don't worry we're almost there." He informs. Where's there?!

After a silent couple of minutes he leads me into a hidden treehouse behind some tall vines. Pulling away some of the vines he opens a small wooden door. The inside it bright wit sunlight and small dust particles are floating around. A small sleeping bag like blanket is rested against the far right corner. The location is far away from the camp. So even if I try and run it will take me awhile to reach the guys.

Channing plops me down on the bed like blanket. I raise my head and make instant direct eye contact. A foot away he's knelling down in front of me. "So you're the truest believer?" He smiles. I'm sick of hearing that! I'm not the truest believer and anyone who begs to differ is dead wrong! "I have to admit," he stands up. "I was expecting less." Wasn't everyone!
Clenching my jaw I narrow my eyes at him. "What's the matter Cutie? Don't talk much. You did when you told me to get off of you." He recalls. "Well, I'm Channing. But I'm sure you over heard all of that while you were hiding behind the bush." He tilts his head and crouches down to reach my level. "But I haven't gotten the pleasure to meeting you."
My silence is annoying him. I can tell from the look on his face.
"You know he's only going to kill you." He states. "I can be your friend, your ally, your anything."
"You think I don't know Peter's intentions? All of theirs? I do. I've known since the night I came here." I explain to him very sharply.
"She speaks!" He gasps.

After returning to my silence he continues his interrogation. "What's your name?"
"Well apparently to everyone on this island it's the truest believer." I mimic. Amused by his interest I lean closer to him to make my point clear. "Why am I here?"
"What?" He sounds surprised but with the smug face he's showing I know it's an act. "A Prince Charming can't save his princess?"
"What Prince ties up the princess?" Taken by surprise I turn his actions and words around on him.
"The one with better intentions. You see what I have in mined is revenge on Peter Pan." He says.

"Why am I not surprised!" I sigh. "If you plan on using me to get him here it's not gonna work."
"I know. But you see Peter should have killed you by now." He turns into a curious look. "Which means there's a problem."
"Don't consider me to give you the answer. I don't talk to traitors." Except for Conner.
"Ah but there the thing. I don't need you too. I'm going to let Peter tell me when he comes for you." He explains.
"And when he doesn't?" I ask. I'm quite intrigued with his planning.
"He will," pulling my chin up. "If he wants to see you live."

"Channing!" I voice echoes the walls. My eyes dart with heroic views. I recognize Peter's voice and smile a small smile.

"Right on time." Channing turns to me. He walks over to a small desk on the other side of the treehouse and grabs a silver plated dagger. Rushing back over he holds it to my face. "Make a sound and I'll slit your throat. And unlike everyone else I won't hesitate!"
Being the smart girl I am I already came up with another plan. I swing my legs under him and trample him to the floor. Reaching for my pocket knife I cut the ropes around my legs and start to reach the door. "Not today!" Channing grabs my arm spinning me around and bringing the dagger to my throat. "Don't be stupid!"

"Well if it isn't the Lost Boys!" Channing stands in the doorway. Me against the wall on the other side out of the view has a dagger pointing at me.
"Where is she?!" Someone yells. Someone I never thought would really care. Gabe!
"Who?" Channing plays dumb.
"Wendy!" Robbie steps in.
"Ah Wendy that's her name." Channing breathes. Thanks Robbie now he knows my name. "She's a little tied up right now." Very funny! "Can I offer you a suggestion? Don't assume it was me that took your little visitor."
"Don't make us ask again!" Peter voice sounds closer.

Channing sticks the dagger closer. "Why don't you go and look for her somewhere else?"


Channing steps closer to me rubbing his face. Gabe walks over to him and grabs the arm with the dagger. "Not here? Why else are you shoving a knife into a wall?"
Channing steps in front of me blocking me from Gabe. "For safety reasons. In case one of you try to hurt me badly." He pulls his arm away.
"You've got a lot of nerve! Taking someone you don't know for revenge? How selfish are you? She could have gotten hurt or killed!" Gabe pushes Channing away and revealing me.

Without thinking I jump into Gabe's arms hugging him tight. "Thank you!" I whisper into his ear.
"This one is on us." He hugs me back. "Peter!"

Peter comes running in. Still hugging Gabe I look to see Channing smirking on the floor. "Love," Peter puts his hand on my shoulder. I turn to him and hug him tighter then I did Gabe. "You won't go without punishment!" His stares turn to Channing.
"Won't I?" Channing runs up holding the dagger ready to pounce on Gabe.

This time thinking I trip Gabe making him fall to the floor missing the dagger. "Shit!" Looking at my wrist a slit is formed.  Blood dripping I apply pressure. Gabe stands up and looks at me like I just grew wings. "Yea I saved you we can talk about it another time." He nods his head and glares at Channing who can't process what just happened.

Me, Peter, and Gabe walk out of the treehouse. Me holding my wrist and Gabe and Peter still in shock of what I just did. "Say anything and I'll hurt you all." I say to the six boys.

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