Chapter 1

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Year: 1992
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Years ago lived two children. A boy and a girl. Neither knew what was coming in their near future. The boys name was Ville and his best friends name was Ruby. They were at Ville's playing outside when suddenly Ville's mother rushed them inside to the basement.
"Stay here and no matter what you two hear, do not make a sound," his mother had told them.
Mrs. Valo quickly ran back upstairs, no sooner had she left, the two children had heard gun shots. Ruby quickly covered her mouth to keep a scream back while Ville held her closely. They both looked up from where they were hiding when they heard foot steps. Being merely children, they thought it was either Ville's mother or father but how wrong they were. Standing before them was a group of men covered in blood. Ville's parents blood.
Ruby screamed, trying to run back to where they were hiding with Ville close behind, but two of the men caught both of them. Ruby's once beautiful tan skin soon became bloody and covered with cuts. Ville's beautiful green eyes were soon covered in tears from the sight of his best friend. One of the men held Ville away while two others taunted poor Ruby.
One of the men known as Fun Boy, raped Ruby. This made Ville's blood boil. He fought against the man holding him back and tried to get to his dear Ruby. It was Ruby's screams the motivated him to get to her. But the man shot Ville in his stomach, causing Ruby to scream in horror. It was then Ruby started to fight back despite the pain.
"HELP SOMEONE HELP US!" Ruby screamed. Luckily someone heard her pleas. A young woman fought the men but the men ran away. Ruby held Ville in her arms has he was slowly dying from the bullet wound.
"Please help us Miss. Especially my friend. He needs more help than I do," Ruby pleaded stroking her friends hair gently. The woman knelt besides Ruby. She looked at Ville's wound and sighed softly.
"What is your names dear?" The woman asked, picking Ruby up with Ville in her arms.
"My name is Ruby, this is Ville," Ruby replied softly.
"I will try to help Ville the best I can but I'm afraid I can not make any promises," the woman told Ruby. Ruby nodded as Ville whimpered. He turned his head to look at his best friend who too was dying from blood loss.
"Promise me no matter what happens, we'll be best friends forever," Ville spoke softly.
"I promise Ville."
Hearing the children's promise made the woman tear up. Especially when she heard the heart break in both of their voices.
Ville softly smiled and his eyes began to droop. Ruby started shaking him, telling him to keep his eyes open and that they were close to help, but no matter what she done Ville was slowly losing the fight to live.
Ruby started crying when the woman finally got them to her home and started to try to bring Ville back to life.
"Michael, help the girl while I try to bring the boy back," the woman said to her partner as she came inside. Michael quickly grabbed Ruby and took her into the kitchen to try to stop her bleeding. In the door way stood the young couples daughter, she wanted to help but Michael told her no and that she would be in the way. Luckily the daughter understood and watched from the door way.
Ruby started to see stars as Michael yelled at her to not close her eyes. He became to call for his partner for help. When the woman arrived, Ruby had finally closed her eyes to join Ville but that is what she thought. The woman leaned over Ruby's neck and softly bit the child. Michael looked away sadly, not wanting this to happen to the little girl but knew it was the only way to save at least one of them. The woman moved her head away and checked for a pulse, and sighed with relief when she felt one.
"What happened to the boy?" Michael asked causing the woman to look down.
"It was too late. I couldn't help him," she said sadly.

Later that night when Ruby has awoken, Ville was buried. She stood before his grave, setting a red rose on the dirt mound.
"We will meet again my friend. For not even Death can keep us apart. Even in death our love goes on," Ruby said to her now dead friend and walked back inside the house that was now her new home.
Michael, Selene(whom she learned minutes after waking up), and their daughter Eve followed their new family member inside. All unaware for what would happen in a 12 years from then. A Crow flew down and landed on Ville's cross. It pecked the wooden cross before flying away. No one saw the crow but Ruby.
Selene watched Ruby look out the window and sighed, catching Michael's attention.
"What's wrong my dear?" Michael asked while watching Eve play and try to get Ruby to play with her.
"This had to happen to two kids. An 8 year old just lost her 9 year old best friend Michael. I fear she will not move on from this event so easily."

Song: Rose In December by Halestorm

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