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            “That movie was amazing.” I said wiping the tears that ran down my face.

            Tanya sniffled. “I need to buy that on DVD.” She said as began to clean up our feast of food. I got up from the couch and told her I would be right back to help, but she laughed and said, “Yea right.”

            Walking up the stairs, I walked into my room. I flipped on the lights and immediately sensed that something was off. I slowly swept the rooms with my eyes before my eyes fell on my bed. I saw the black bag holding my dress laying on top of my comforter and I never remembered putting it there. “That’s weird.” I walk over to my bed and grab the bag by its hanger. I lifted it from the surface of my bed just in time to spot a white piece of paper that fluttered to the ground silently. Bending over to pick it up, I began to catch on to what was going on. I unfolded the paper and laughed at what was inside. It was a message made up of magazine letter clippings, the ones that kidnappers leave or whatever.

            Meet me at 10 at the ridge. – Jace

            I laughed at how shady the whole situation was. Honestly, I would’ve just settled for a simple text, but Jace doesn’t know the meaning of the word simple.

            I placed the letter on my nightstand and unzipped the black bag to take out my dress. As I detached it from the hanger, I slipped off my clothes before sliding myself into the dress. I pulled the zipper up on the side of the dress before doing a turn. “Not bad.” I concluded satisfied before picking up a pair of nude pumps.

            I walked down the stairs just in time to see Tanya sleeping on the couch. I choked back a laugh and wrote her a note on a bright pink post it before silently slipping out of the house. Car keys in hand, I jumped into my jeep and turned on the engine. I turned on the headlights and checked my mirrors before putting on my seatbelt. I drove down my driveway and turned right towards the ridge. As I drove, I noticed for the first time how quiet this town really was. I’ve been here for four months now, and it was now that I realized how quiet this town really was. I was actually starting to like that. It’s like the town that always sleeps.

            As I pulled into the turn off from the main road, I drove slowly as I approached the clearing. No sign of Jace whatsoever. “That’s weird.” I cut the engine and hopped out of the car. I took a few steps forward before feeling two arms snake around my waist. “Ah!” I squealed.

            “Jesus Cam, it’s me.” Jace said as I held my hand over my heart.

            I smacked his arm. “What the hell?” I said trying not to laugh, but he knew I wasn’t mad.

            “You know you can never stay mad at me.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes as he bent down to kiss me.

            “Yea, yea, yea.” I said kissing his lips again. I turned my head to look out into the darkness. “So why did you bring me here?” I asked as he held me by the waist.

            “This.” He kissed me once more before grabbing the keys from my hand and turning in the direction of my jeep. I laughed as he grabbed a CD case from his suit jacket pocket and climbed into the driver’s seat. The car roared to life as he put the headlights on to eliminate some of the darkness. He fiddled with the CD in its case before sliding the disk into the cassette player. He turned the speakers high enough so both of us could hear, but not loud enough to wake up the people in the nearby houses and neighborhoods.

            “Jace, what are you doing?” I laughed before he climbed out of my car and let the music play.

            “Since we couldn’t go to homecoming, I’m bringing homecoming to you.” He smiled as the CD started playing. It started playing “Mine” by Taylor Swift and a smile made its way onto my face.

            “You’re too much.” I grinned as he grasped my waist in his hands and I wound my hands around his neck.

            “I know.” He smiled as he pulled me closer to his body. I breathed in the scent of his cologne as the sound of thunder filled the air. As the song ended another Taylor Swift song shortly cut in, it was “Fearless.” I smiled as I listened to the lyrics of the song.

            I got so caught up in the song before realizing that it was beginning to pour. I laughed as Jace twirled me in a circle before it began to start torrentially down pouring. I smiled looking at how soaked we were. I smiled as he pulled me into him to kiss me. It was then that I didn’t care I was soaked or I was going to get sick. All that mattered was right now, this moment. My ruined dress $370.  His ruined suit $399. Us dancing in the rain…priceless.  

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