The Day I Got Raped By The Devil

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hello my name iss,...crismely

this is what happend to me before i got raped by the devil.

it started with me and my friend renata, we were in my house

and we were interested in demon stuff.We read an ancient book of

voodooism, then my friend renata said '' u-we-tsi-gia'' she kept repeatign that and

cold wind blew real hard,all the candles burned all the way.i kept seeing shadows running around the room,my friend renata kept repeating her strange words untill she collapsed on the floor.

everything stopped for a moment it was like time itself stopped. Suddenly she got up, and following her was a man,he was completely naked, he had fire red hair ,red eyes and he was tall and hot.OMG i thought i as goin crazy, i pointed to the man and renata turned around, she saw the man but it seemed like she didnt mind. she then got on her knees and kissed his feet like he was her god," i am here" he said , he had a really ancient voice, renata seemed possecesd by him from my view.She then strated yelling out " u-we-tsi-gia" over and over. the room turned dark blue and the man started walking to me slowly, but it seemed like his walk was glitchy, almost like The Ring. while he was walking towards me renata was backing way from me,the guy then started smiling........

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