Chapter 13

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Alberta gave me a master headset and I was off. I was heading to the watch cabins to meet my, team. My mind was still reeling over the fact that I am being hunted by an undead army. 

When I got to the cabins I saw the twenty or so guardians waiting; one of which was Stan Alto. 

"Why are you here Hathaway? Why aren't you back at the novice dorms?" Stan asked looking confused and also very irritated that I was here. I can't wait to see his reaction when I tell him I'm the one running this operation.

"Well Guardian Alto I'm no longer your novice and I'm the one running this shindig. Now I know you think I am some unresponsible kid but right now I am your superior and you will listen to me. I want nothing more than to keep the academy safe and I will not have you interfere with that." I used his formal title and spoke in such a voice that left room for no arguments.

"You are not such thing." he huffed

"If you refuse to take orders from me then I have no choice but to send you to another team. I will not risk not only my team's safety but yours." It was true if he couldn't take orders from me then that put me and my team in harm's way. And no matter how much hell he put me through I will not let him commit suicide by not trusting my judgment. I taped my headset and called Alberta.

" Guardian Petrov I need to request the Guardian Alto be switched to another team."

"Guardian Hathaway please transfer this call to Guardian Alto's Headset."

"Yes Ma'am" I pressed another button to transfer the call.

I could here Alto talking to Alberta

"Yes... but she's not...No ma'am."

The call was transferred back

" Hathaway Alto will stay with you if you need father assistance please let me know."

"Yes, Ma'am thank you. And be safe" that last part I said a little quieter so only Alberta would hear. 

"You too Rose you too."

With that, we disconnected and I look at my team. Then to Alto, he nodded in recognition. I don't know what Alberta said to him but whatever it was it made him look at me as his leader, not some novice.

"Okay, first off I want teams of two spread out every 10 meters." They nodded

"Okay give me one minute." I walked towards the wards and let my walls slightly fall. Shadows immediately appeared. I could tell the Strigoi were close maybe 15 minutes away. I quickly raised my walls and walked back across the wars to my team.

" The Strigoi are about 15 minutes out. I need half of you to go to my right and the rest to my left in your pairs. Go." Known of them questioned how I knew how far away the Strigoi where and I was grateful. I really did not need to be explaining how being shadow-kissed worked. I didn't ever really knew how it worked. 

About five minutes later teams started to confirm they were in place. Okay, game time.

Ten minutes later all hell broke loose. 

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a great Christmas. I know it's short and I hope to update again soon. Hey also if you guys like the Hobit you should go check out my friends page her name is CyberEmber. Thanks, I love you all.


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