Chapter 19

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( There's going to be a trigger warning for this chapter (just in case): it's going to look like: >•< )
"He's dead. I killed him."

And I say nothing more.


"Dear child, you have to," his gentle yet persuasive voice rings across the beautiful meadow; it travels clearly through the crisp air.

"No, I won't! I...can't! How can I, brother?! I-I love you!" I scream, being as incessant as possible. I do not want to bend to his will.

"For Kami's sake!" Hisashi snaps, throwing his hands into the air in pure desperation. "I'm going to die regardless of your decision...(Y/N), for reasons you may never understand, it is imperative that you take my life."

Suddenly, I leap into his arms, weeping. He is taken aback; I am usually not as openly affectionate as this. I cling onto him as if I could prevent him from leaving this world; he simply holds me back, humoring me.

His laugh, tainted by levity, echoes through this field that's filled with endless beauty.

"Oh, (Y/N), you're much too selfless for this world...I know that someday, you'll find someone who will really appreciate it."

"I already have you, Hisa'! I don't need anyone else..." I mumble, my face buried into my brother's chest.

He sighs, knowing that I am stubbornly still not accepting his inevitable death.

"Sis', I demand that you accept the fact that I will die...Everybody dies; I shall, you shall...we all eventually succumb to time, illness, or injury." Hisashi begins, loosening his hold on me to make eye contact. "It doesn't matter when it happens; it'll be painful no matter how long I attempt to prolong my life. Can't you see, (Y/N)? I've tried; I've tried so terribly hard to live and make you happy. But...I just can't anymore. I don't want you to watch me wither away until I am nothing...I want you to use this pain to become stronger."

I glance up at him like a skittish animal: with eyes watering and bottom lip quivering.

"Stronger?" I whisper. " know that I don't care about that, Brother. You're the strong, brave, and clever one; I'm the sensitive one with good moral judgment...I am weak. It has always been like this..."

"Do you really believe that, (Y/N)? Do you really think that you're weak? The mighty cannot stand confidently if they have no support; never forget that." Hisashi tells me firmly. "However, physical power wasn't what I was referring to."

I shoot him a questioning glance.

"It will strengthen your wit and your ability to empathize with others...I know how important other people are to you. It will also give you a purpose: to use the other 'gift' that you will acquire." Hisashi explains.

"Other gift?" I interrupt, curious. *What else could he offer...? He is already sacrificing his life.*

However, Hisashi ignores my question.

"If you do not use this correctly, however, it will have severe must never change your mentality. Promise me that you will respect yourself for who you are and your morals, and always remember why you did this. That you had a purpose." Hisashi begs, his voice becoming more frantic by the moment. His shaking hands clutch my arms tightly and his usual reassuring smile is replaced with a rather tentative one. This itself terrifies me more than his warning...Hisashi has always been calm and collected, no matter what.

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