Chapter 20

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-------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

Drew. Bruno. They're both the same. The both lied to me and made me believe that they loved me. I should have learned from what happened with Drew to not trust Bruno but my stupid feelings and emotions had to get in the way. I should have known. I got up from the carpet, now stained with tears, and walked towards the bed. I layed down and closed my eyes before any more tears poured down. My breathing was starting to come back to normal and sleep was starting to take over me when the sound of the door opening filled the room. I looked towards the room and saw a messy haired Bruno standing by the door.

"Nala..." He said as he took a step inside.

"How did you get in?" I asked as I got up from the bed.

"I have my ways..." He said as the memory of him opening my apartment door played in my head.

I stayed quiet, not sure if I should kick him out or ignore him yet again this was his house. I sighed and sat in the edge of the bed, my eyes focused on the carpet. I felt as he walked over to me and stood in front of me. He got on his knees and took my hands in his. I was starting to get used to the touch of his soft hands and to the way that his thump gently brushed over my knuckles. These simple actions he did made me believe he felt something for me but then he tells me that we are absolutely nothing.

He'a using you. Don't trust him. He's a criminal.

fears have now begun to take over me. As I stare into Bruno's eyes, my mind just makes up more ideas and reasons why I should not trust him. Why I should not be here like this, holding his hand and falling deeply in love.

"What do you want." I say, stopping my mind from creating reasons and repeating Bruno's earlier words.

"You've been crying." He says as he reaches to stroke my cheek but I turn around before he can.

"It's the only thing i've been doing since I met you." I say with complete honesty.

I turn back to look at him and I instantly notice his neck vain. His hands are no longer in mine and his eyes are darker. He blinks a few times and gets up from the carpet. He licks his lips and his eyes go wild. He looks all around the room as if looking for an exit when he turns around and loudly hits the wall with the side of his left hand. The sound of his strong hit fill the whole room as Bruno rests his head in the wall. I sit there, in silence, not knowing what to do. No more tears are falling from my eyes but I can't say the same thing about Bruno. Even with his back turned towards me, I can see that he is holding back in the tears, but I just don't understand why there are tears in his eyes in the first place.

"Not again." Bruno quietly said to himself.

I stand up from the bed and stand in front of him, his back still towards me.

"Bruno." I said as my hand gently touches his right arm.

He quickly turns around and looks me straight in the eyes. The darkness that had taken over his eyes was replaced by tears and by sadness. He interlocked our hands and he gently pressed his forehead against mine.

"Please don't leave me." He whispered with fear in his voice.

I stood there, not knowing how to respond. His sudden change of moods was something that always caught me of guard and even if I try to understand, I really don't.

"Please promise me you won't" he says as his grip around my hand tightens.

Don't it's a trap. Remember what happened with Drew.

I ignore my mind and and close my eyes. I can hear Bruno's heavy breathing and I open my eyes again. I find him staring deep into my eyes, still waiting for an answer. I hold his hand tightly and let out a short breathe.

"I promise i'll never leave your side." I say in a quiet voice.

Bruno removes his hand from mine and instead huggs me from the waist. I lean into him and my ear is introduced to his heartbeat. Just as I am about to close my eyes, he gently removes me from his chest and kisses me. His soft lips touch mine and in that moment it feels like we knew each other forever. The way he tightly holds me by my waist as if he is afraid I would leave was something new to me. Drew never acted like this in the two years we were dating. It was only a kiss or a hug, that was it but this was different. Bruno was different. Bruno's hand and lips fit perfectly in mine, it was like we were a puzzle and he was my missing piece. He slowly separated his lips from me and smiled, his dimples showing. He leaned in for one last kiss and then cleared his throat.

"So. Umm i'm hungry." He said as he swung our inner locked hands.

I smiled at the comment of food after having a mini make out cession but I couldn't deny the fact that I was also hungry. We went downstairs were we, and Phillip, made ourselves sandwiches from whatever little food there was. We all sat in the couch, Bruno sitting next to me, to enjoy our cheap food when I felt my eyes get heavy. I rested my head on Bruno's legs and soon fell asleep.

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