Chapter 1: Cabbies, London's greatest gossips

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I run to the cab, my jacket blowing out behind me due to the wind. My gun in my pocket (in case of emergency). As I open the door the cabby instantly recognises me and his face goes from normal 'Let's get my job over with already...' to 'Oh my god. I'm going to die!'.

"Hi. Where are you going today? Ma'am." He just manages through the terror.

"221 Baker Street."

"May I ask, why you would like to go there ma'am?" He still sounds nervous. Bless him.

"You recognise who I am." I say, not phrasing it like a question though he still replies.

"You're a Moriarty aren't you? Ma'am."

"Stop with the 'ma'am', it pisses me off and yes. In a way." I stop before I start babbling.

"How miss?"

"I'll tell you if you actually drive." He starts driving towards the famous home of Sherlock Holmes. So I carry on. "When I was a child my 'legal' guardians were killed during a big celebrations at my house. Lots of my 'friends' as well except one person that didn't come. Mostly because he was the only one not invited. The one person I tolerated more than my own existence . The person that ALWAYS listened to me, no matter how mad what I said was. Jim Moriarty. That's right, called by Sherlock Holmes himself, and I quote, the 'Napoleon of Crime'. So naturally when that happened I went to him, he took me back in and since then I've started calling him family. But when you call James Moriarty family, obviously, people are going to notice. Let me tell you, that will build up a reputation, and not in a good way..."

"We're here."

"How much do I owe you?"

"Free of charge ma'am." Oh no.

"Oh thank you." As I get out I shoot the man, instantly killing him. "I told you the 'ma'am' pisses me off." I walk up to the door, knock and a blonde man I recognise as John Watson opens it.


"Hi, here to see Mr Holmes. My name's Victoria- Alice Moriarty." Shit, shouldn't have said that.

"Did you say 'Moriarty'? Also why is he dead?" He points to the cabby.

"Pay no attention to the dead cabby. At all. Can I come in?"

"Sure." I walk in to see Sherlock sat there his hands in his signature 'prayer' position. "Victoria-Alice Moriarty." John introduces. I hide my gun in my pocket quick and look to the floor as he looks up to 'read' me. Basically finding out everything about me.

"Miss Moriarty?"

"Yes." God damn it Victoria! Why are you still looking at the floor??"Can I try?"He instantly knows I mean at reading HIM.

"Go ahead." He almost smirks, within the milli-second I start.

"Sherlock Holmes, brother to Mycroft Holmes though he's REALLY boring and everyone knows that," I begin. Within a minute I am done and by the looks on their face, everything is right. I give a shy little smile as Sherlock realises my brain is the same as his (highly functioning sociopath) but as I was raised with Moriarty I am ten times as dangerous as ANY criminal in London. Except my brother (Moriarty).

"Did- Did she just do what you do? To you?" John asks, clearly bewildered. I stare at Sherlock as he stares at me the smile still on my face the neutral look on his.

"Yes I did. Speed up Doctor ." I look at a clock behind Sherlock. "Bye!"

With that I just turn and walk out the door....

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