Playing the game

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Let's play a game:

Roll the dice.

Dogde the unwanted numbers,

Now roll the dice twice.

Think of your future,

Foget the past.

You're playing the game,

Now get lost inside

Empty your mind,

Empty your heart,

Commit mistakes,

And mess yourself up.

Go up on a cliff,

And look down on earth,

 Look at its beauty.

Look at its wealth.

Stay there for the whole night,

And lose all your health.

Get sick during midnight,

Go home to your loved ones,

Find out you love them;

Voice out yopu feelings.

Tell them youre happy.

Hide in the truth.

Swallow your pain,

Let them kill you.

Become a ghost:

Now look at you friends.

They're still out partying.

But you've reached your dead-end.

Look at their carelessness

They all know you're dead.

Now go to your family,

And notice the pain.

Your mother ill

And has fallen from heart

Your father is crying;

There's no friends in sight

Just that unknown some one

You only noticed once,

Now you wish you had noticed them

With tears in your eyes.

Now all's left is sadness

No heaven or hell

You're just a lost soul

Naive on your own

With no one to dwell.

When you play this game,

There's no doubt you'll lose so smile a bit more

And sherish you loved ones.

Don't play the game,

I know you will lose.