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HERE, RIGHT NOW, IS WHERE HE had been told that he would no longer have someone to hold onto anymore. That the woman he loved, was currently begging for her life, for her children's lives. No amount of pain could come close to how terrible that sounded. No one should have to beg for their life, not even two unborn children. Their unborn children. Estella knew she wasn't ready to lose her life, not yet at least, not at this moment, nor this time. On this day, Thursday, August 26th—was going to be the day she might have to give up her life. And if it wasn't her, then it would be yet again, another child—precisely two. Two beautiful angels that had yet to see their parents from their bright eyes, clutch their finger in their tiny fists and yawn as they fell asleep in their arms. But she had to realize that she wouldn't be able to witness that. That she wouldn't live the life with her husband that she had dreamt about.

Hospitals were Harry' least favorite places to be, whether it be for any exciting event or just a simple sickness affecting someone's body. He never left, never moved from his seat, never touched his phone, never switched positions to make his body more comfortable—just sat there, with that same lifeless look on his face as he took in every single detail the doctor had told him repeatedly. Nonstop.

Almost as if he was letting it taunt him.

Damiun and Zayn stayed with him, Raye having to go home since they had left the baby for only a little while with Iyana, but not before giving Harry a tight hug, kissing Estella good-night and not goodbye because it didn't feel right to say that. It didn't even feel right to think like that. Zayn had been sleeping, Harry gazing at him for a brief moment, studying the dark circles under his eyes, the puffiness and discoloration in his face. He was absolutely exhausted, and he couldn't feel any more worse for dragging him into this and letting him handle half of this on his own.

Damiun came back from the bathroom, not being able to sleep either, finding a vending machine and grabbing a cup of ice for Harry, as well as getting himself a drink. As he walked back, he deeply sighed, having a feeling he would still be in the same position he had left him in. Hands were folded on his lap, legs slightly spread and his head dropped low, his neck hurting but he didn't bother moving it. Didn't bother doing anything.

"Eat this." Damiun says, handing him the cup of ice.

"I don't want it."

"It wasn't a question, it was a demand, now take it. You've been dehydrated for too long now."

Harry huffed, finally bringing his hand up to grab the cup from him, Damiun taking a seat next to him as Harry closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the cream colored wall, listening to the quietness of the hospital, as well as the low music that placed and scrubs squeaking against the polished floor that almost smelt of strong bleach.

"If you want to talk, I'm here." Damiun reassures, turning his head to him as Harry kept his face straight ahead, not wanting to stare at his and feel even more bad for the tiredness he also felt and for dragging him into this as well when he should be home with his wife, safe in the bed with their own children. Just the thought of that caused him to gulp silently.

"What's there to talk about?"

"How your feeling."

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