Oh, So?

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Snow P.O.V before the cliffhanger.

I just sigh. I know what (Y/N) feeling. Yima felt the same way when Ladybug and Chat Noir show up.

Not needed.

Where we been, they always need her help. But here. Which now 4 heroes.. That's a lot.. I don't know. Maybe (N/N) can take a break.. Like that one time! In (H/T) she met her friends. And told them to keep in contact...

But she didn't listen to me.. I sigh and look at the cat in front of me.





I hear all of all names. Right now we having a meeting with Master Fu. I saw Wayzz and Master Fu hug. Wayzz smiles and we all sat in the circle.

"So?" Plagg ask.

"You all are wondering why I called you... Well I have notice that Paris is... Getting full of heroes. So we have to switch off with heroes." Master Fu says.

We all nod.. I spoke up.

"Master. I agree, My owner, she.. How do I say this. She isn't herself." I said. It quite true. She been headphones, and not with anyone anymore.

Master nods in understand. "Just like with Yami." He stated. He sighs knowing the truth.

"I say this once. You all tell your owners that they will switch off. Ladybug and Chat Noir the first week, then the next week it'll be Alpha Loup and Tortue Verte will go that week." Master said.

Plagg look at him, then to us. "But afterwards.. Can we switch. Like me and Snow, or me and Wayzz?"

Master Fu nods. "Yes Plagg, that is good idea."

We all nod and went back to our owners. I quickly hide as I saw (Y/n) and.. I look closer.. Chloe?!

(Y/n) POV

I look up, slightly growl, lowly. "Oh its, you!" I snap at her.

"I just going to ask, but since you can't response correctly I won't ask!"

'Good, cause I don't care." I roll my eyes I saw her puffed her cheeks, like a pufferfish.. But pufferfish are cute..

"Its about you~"

"I don't care!"

"Fine! It was about Alpha Loup! Anyway!"

"Sure it was.."

'We all know Adrien, loves her, so I wanted to show him I can bring her to him!"

"You know, she have business?" I raise an eyebrow.. I shake my head, getting up, I grab my stuff and walk out.

Once I was at home, I went up and lock my door. I sigh as I open my bag.. My eyes widen. "Snow?.. Snow! Snowflake this isn't funny!!" I yell since no one was home.. No one is ever home. I search my book bag, my room, my other bags.. "Where is she?!" I got up and unlock my window.. Great I shake my head and run down, my tail was getting fluffyfluffy. I can't deal with that right know. I trip over a sleeping Jack. I tilt my head.. Why aren't them in their room?.. Geez.. I walk over and feel the food bowl and water bowl..

"(Y/n) I gotta tell you something! So Master Fu told us that we could stop and take a br-"

"Snow!! I told you to stop doing that!" I scratch my ear and sigh. I look at myself and yelp.. "What happen!"

"No.. No.. No no no no! (Y/n) stop stressing out! I can't lose you!"I saw worried in Snows face as I nod. I sigh..
"Just go and rest! We also need you!"
I blink. "Okay.. Just watch the dogs?" Snow nod as I head Upstairs and laying down.. But can't sleep.

Adrien POV

"And that how..?" I look at Plagg in confused..

"Really? You and Alpha are patrolibg next week!"

"Because of all the heroes.. Right?"


Marinette POV

"Thanks Tikki! It was getting a bit to helpful."

"Your welcome Marinette! And you can thanks Plagg! Once you know him.."

I blink but nod. "Okay.. I can't wait! Did I tell you?"

"Yes Mari, you and Nath are going on a date!"

"Right that's nexts week!."


Guys.. I don't know were to take this.. I feel like I can't do anymore.. So I might time skip mega.. So I still don't know..

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